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Yellow nutsedge thriving in sports turf

Yellow nutsedge is now one of the most common weeds in turf. Even though all textbooks say it thrives in wet areas, some of our worst yellow nutsedge infestations occur in dry years when turf thins. Though yellow nutsedge acts like an annual, it is technically a perennial surviving from tubers year to year....
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Career advice for any industry

What are some of the best examples of general career advice? By general, I mean not specific to your field but to anyone. It could be advice for someone looking for a job, trying to get a promotion, changing careers or for someone who wants to excel at the job he or she already has....
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The quest for pesticide-free playing fields

Determining ways to maintain athletic fields without pesticides can cause even the best turf managers to stumble – literally. There is a fine line between aesthetics and safety when talking about athletic fields, according to UConn researchers who are studying the best practices to comply with a 4-year-old law banning pesticide use on school grounds that serve students through grade eight....
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Details of new Sun Life Stadium drainage system

When the current Sun Life Stadium field here was built in 1995, runs of flat, perforated pipe were laid under the natural grass field to promote drainage. Some 20 years later due to the compaction of the sand rootzone, buildup of organic material from repeated resodding projects and extremely high use by various sporting events, concerts and monster truck rallies, some patches of the ground needed to be repaired. This led to replacing the original pipe with the same product....

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