About Us

SportsField Management targets sports field managers and provides them with practical technical and management advice. This audience includes professionals who make purchasing decisions for parks, schools, professional operations and colleges and universities, as well as those in charge of athletic fields, facilities and complexes.

Through this site, and our other industry-specific sites, our goal is to provide relevant content that will enhance our audience’s ability to work smarter.

This information includes advice from industry professionals, coverage of specific projects, details on the latest products and innovations, and news from around the world.

SportsField Management is the Official Publication of the Sports Field Management Association (SFMA), the not-for-profit, professional association for the men and women who manage sports fields. Its members oversee sports fields and facilities at schools, colleges and universities, parks and recreational facilities, and professional sports stadiums. The membership’s goal is to manage natural grass and synthetic surfaces to produce safe and aesthetically pleasing playing surfaces for athletes at all levels of playing abilities. Since 1981, the association and its dozens of local chapters have been providing education, information and sharing practical knowledge in the art and science of sports field management.