StaCool Vest provides all day comfort

The StaCool Vest is a fully adjustable over-vest that provides all day comfort, keeping workers cool in the summer heat.

Velcro straps at the shoulders, chest and stomach provide a comfortable fit and mobility for wearers of all body types and sizes. Advanced cooling technology provided by the ThermoPaks keep core body temperatures at safe levels for hours of use. A spare set of ThermoPaks are included with each StaCool Vest to extend cooling time and comfort when the initial set thaws. Each gel-packed cell works independently for extended cooling time. A thermal barrier is built in to ensure wearer does not get too cold.

Weighing just 6 ½ pounds when fully hydrated, the vest weight is evenly distributed across the wearers body. Constructed of Denier Nylon Diamond Ripstop material, stain-resistant StaCool Premium Industrial Vests are available in black, safety yellow, orange and green. Under-vests are also available, to be worn under other clothing. They can be purchased directly from StaCool Industries, or through national distributors.