Turfco introduces T3200 spreader sprayer

Turfco has released its latest spreader sprayer, the T3200. Designed with minimal maintenance in mind, the T3200 empowers operators to dedicate more time to their projects and less to equipment upkeep. With numerous operator-friendly and time-saving features, the T3200 establishes a new benchmark for versatility, optimizing operator productivity and enabling owners to grow their business.

“We talked to turf professionals and asked them what they need in a riding applicator to grow their business. They said they need a spreader sprayer that is versatile, easy to operate, simple to train, confidently handles uneven terrain, without tearing turf, and is simple to maintain.  The new T3200 spreader sprayer delivers in every aspect.” said George Kinkead, president of Turfco. “We have simply made it easier for them to save time and to get more done.”

Productivity requires utilizing time well and getting the job done right.  As the largest capacity applicator that fits through a 36” gate, the T3200 saves more time between refills and provides access to tighter spaces normally only reached by dragging hoses. Add on the T-Flex15 tank, and operators have enough liquid capacity to cover up to 140,000 sq ft between fills as well as the versatility to spray two liquids simultaneously or independently.  User-friendly operation, hands-free speed control, and steering wheel design make it the easiest applicator in the industry for new or seasonal staff to quickly become proficient operators, saving costly training time. The T3200’s pivoting front axle and innovative steering system ensure agility and enhanced control on uneven terrain, eliminating turf tearing and enabling precise alignment for each pass. With an on-demand electric pump and low maintenance requirements operators can remain in the field and focused on their tasks. Enhanced front wheels with greaseable roller bearings provide exceptional durability, while a large access panel simplifies servicing. Additionally, the inclusion of a USB charging port enables operators to charge devices and utilize various applications, enhancing versatility and convenience.