Equipment Focus: Spreaders and Sprayers

The following is our round-up of spreaders and sprayers.

Campey Speedresser

The Campey Speedresser (pictured above) is available with 18m or 24m spreading widths and is designed to handle all topdressing material. The Speedresser features four floatation tires on a pivoting axle that drastically minimize the risk of turf damage and compaction. This feature is especially important when working on a pre-existing surface, but is equally important during renovations. Ideal for sports fields and golf courses, the Speedresser requires a tractor of at least 30 horsepower, and is driven hydraulically from the tractor via an agitator and twin rollers. The high work rate of the machine enables the spreading of dressings up to a depth of 2mm-75mm in one pass.

Ferris Rover XC FS1200 ride-on spreader

Ferris Rover spreaders and sprayers

The Ferris Rover XC FS1200 ride-on spreader marries a compact unit with the power and granular capacity needed for efficiency. Its compact size allows for maneuverability and easy access through gates, onto smaller trailers and into storage sheds. Still, its hopper has 200 pounds of granular capacity providing more than one acre of coverage. The Rover comes with a Vanguard 160 engine and a 100 percent stainless-steel frame and coated transmission that resist the corrosive effects of granular chemicals. It offers excellent handling, even on sloped turf. Simple, ergonomically placed controls allow for easy operation, and the Rover will reach speeds of up to 5 miles per hour.

GKB Sandspreader from STEC Equipment

GKB Sandspreader STEC spreaders and sprayers

The GKB Sandspreader, available from STEC Equipment, applies a vast variety of materials across your surface, which is necessary during both field construction and maintenance. This allows efficient evaporation of excess water, oxygenation of the soil, and less organic matter buildup on the top layer. With this machine you can save time, spread more, and solidify healthy turf. The shape and design of the hopper ensure efficient operation and a clear view along the machine. The sand is transported to a metering gate by means of a wide, large-capacity conveyer belt, which is also available as a hydraulically operated metering gate. The spreading discs are adjustable on multiple points, allowing the Sandspreader to provide perfect sand distribution.

John Deere ProGator GPS precision sprayer

John Deere ProGator spreaders and sprayers

The John Deere ProGator GPS precision sprayer helps take spraying to the next level, offering ease of operation as a result of the AutoTrac guidance system. This technology provides more accuracy with individual nozzle control, and, with the proven StarFire receiver, provides confidence to better track and manage all spraying. The automated individual nozzle control allows operators to turn boom sections on and off, limiting manual labor and wasted product from pass-to-pass overlap while spraying in less time. Users can also create coverage maps that can be shared with multiple units – eliminating overlap and increasing productivity.

LESCO 500 from SiteOne

LESCO SiteOne spreaders and sprayers

Spreader-sprayers can both spread granular solids and spray liquids, offering versatility and labor savings. A stand-on spreader-sprayer like the LESCO 500 from SiteOne gives sports field managers the ability to quickly cover large areas. A pivoting front end allows the wheels to stay grounded and helps the spray nozzles maintain a consistent height. The hopper holds up to 60 pounds of material, and the shaker prevents clogs and dust buildup. With a 60-gallon tank, the LESCO 500’s spray nozzles cover a swath 12 feet wide, and a thumb-activated spray system eliminates the need for a foot activation pedal The LESCO 500 is easy to drive and features easy-to-access filters, hose connections and parts. SiteOne’s dedicated service team provides service and support, helping the LESCO 500 to simplify turf management. Combination spreader-sprayers, like the LESCO 500, help sports turf professionals apply agronomic chemicals and solids more efficiently and consistently.

Martin Lishman Micro-Spray

Martin-Lishman Micro-Spray Campey spreaders and sprayers

The Martin Lishman Micro-Spray, available from Campey, boasts a narrow footprint that allows it to tackle hard-to-reach spraying areas. The Micro-Spray features a 120-liter tank and the option of a 2.5m six-nozzle or 3.5m eight-nozzle three-section folding boom. With its combination of power, control and responsive handling, the Micro-Spray is suited to all types of sports grounds, golf courses and landscaping work. The comprehensive-yet-easy-to-use control box provides the operator with changeable motor direction to either walk behind or in front of the sprayer, 12 motor speeds, bout marker selection, a battery level indicator and optional hand lance. Spray application rates, operating speed and pump pressure can be accurately and quickly controlled by the operator, as well as the adjustable boom height and independent shut-off nozzle bodies. All of these features combine to make a versatile sprayer that provides exceptional results time and time again regardless of where you’re working.

Milwaukee Tool M12 1- and 2-gallon handheld sprayers

Milwaukee M12 spreaders and sprayers

Milwaukee Tool’s M12 1- and 2-gallon handheld sprayers are designed to meet the performance, control and ergonomic needs of professional landscape maintenance and pest control. This handheld sprayer provides pressure control without any manual pumping, allowing the user to easily optimize the performance for multiple applications. Providing instant, constant and adjustable pressure, the sprayer has three modes to adjust between 20 and 80 psi, and reaches up to a 17-foot vertical spray distance. Users can expect up to 80 gallons of spraying per charge to offer more efficiency and maximum runtime. The M12 handheld sprayer powerhead is compatible with both the 1- and 2-gallon handheld sprayer tanks, allowing users to optimize the tank capacity to the application and premix multiple tanks to increase productivity. The sprayer also features an onboard measuring cup, a strainer that filters debris from entering the tank, and vertical and horizontal wand storage.

Scag Turf Storm

Scag Turf Storm spreaders and sprayers

The new Scag Turf Storm stand-on spreader/sprayer is a must-have tool for the serious chemical applicator. The new, smaller STS30 model can venture where larger machines cannot. With right-sized liquid (30 total gallons) and dry/granular (120 lbs.) capacities, the Turf Storm will help operators access more areas and get more done per day for maximum productivity and profitability. A 65-inch-wide fold-away spray boom with four nozzles delivers spraying widths of 2, 6 or 8 feet. Dry/granular materials can be spread up to 25-feet wide thanks to a high-torque electric spreader motor. A powerful and efficient 23-hp. Vanguard engine delivers power, efficiency and performance. The machine’s 50-amp charging system ensures dependable spreader operation and battery life. The Scag Turf Storm features a 2-year commercial warranty.

Steel Green SGXL

Steel Green SGXL spreaders and sprayers

The SGXL is a multifunction applicator with industry-leading capacity and versatility. The zero-turn stand-on sprayer features a 120-gallon tank and a 14-foot, four-section, rear-mounted breakaway boom with electric hydraulic lift actuators. Other standard features include a 100-foot hose reel, 2.5-gallon foam marker, hillside assist system, pressure control system and LED light bar. Its size and versatility make the SGXL ideal for large athletic facilities. Its 12-mph transport speed and 27-gpm centrifugal pump save time, at a time when efficiency is everything. The SGXL is compatible with an optional granular kit that has a 350-pound hopper and lift system to convert the SGXL to a high-capacity spreader.

Turfco T3200 and T5000 spreader-sprayers

Turfco spreaders and sprayers

Turfco spreader-sprayers are ideal for sports field complexes and their surrounding landscapes. They are designed to be simple to learn, operate and maintain. With a fast operator learning curve, staff become proficient in days rather than weeks. The steering wheel design seamlessly aligns each pass, ensuring thorough and even coverage. The Turfco T3200 and T5000 comfortably handle hills without tearing turf. Featuring hands-free speed control, using the spot spraying wand and maneuvering along fence lines has never been easier. Turfco spreader-sprayers ensure quick completion of tasks with matching widths for spraying and spreading. For granular applications, Turfco’s hard trim feature ensures precise spreading in tight areas. Add versatility and range with the new T-Flex15 tank and the T5000 model covers up to 300,000 square feet per fill; while the new T3200 model (pictured) covers up to 140,000 square feet per fill. To maximize versatility, the T-Flex15 tank also offers the capability to spray two liquids simultaneously or independently.

Z Turf Equipment Z-Spray Max

Z Turf Z-Spray Max spreaders and sprayers

The Z-Spray Max stand-on spreader-sprayer from Z Turf Equipment takes productivity to the next level with a low center of gravity design that places the operator between the drive wheels. The bi-directional 10-foot boom springs forward and back to avoid damage from contact. The patented foam marker system starts the marker and spray pump simultaneously using the toe switch or panel-mounted rocker switch. The contoured operator pad combines with a revised control layout to provide increased comfort and economy of motion. With just one grease point, The Z-Spray Max is designed to only need annual maintenance. The patented flip-up hopper eases hopper cleaning and access to the engine for service. A patented magnetic operator pad removes easily, without tools, for access to the spray chart, or for service and maintenance. The 60-gallon tank features a tools-free drain and a new design that leaves less leftover material.