John Deere commercial mowers
John Deere 6700A E-Cut hybrid fairway mower

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The following is our round-up of commercial mowers.

Altoz TRX

Altoz commercial mowers

The Altoz TRX (the world’s first tracked zero turn mower) stands out as the choice for sports field and grounds management due to its track system and deck design for cut quality, which outperforms traditional wheeled mowers, especially on slopes or wet terrain. The track design offers traction and stability, providing the TRX operator a safer way to mow technical terrain and cut where other equipment cannot or cannot cut safely. Tracks distribute weight evenly, minimizing ground pressure and reducing the risk of soil compaction – crucial for maintaining pristine sports surfaces. The torsional axle, large track footprint and TorqFlex front suspension follows the contour of the ground, bridges over rough terrain and reduces operator fatigue. A deck wing accessory increases the deck width by 24% and allows the operator to cut closer to water features, under fences and beneath trees – reducing the need to string trim.

Bobcat ZT7000

Bobcat commercial mowers

The Bobcat ZT7000 zero-turn mower is the peak of toughness and best-in-the-business performance. With transport speeds up to 19 mph and mowing speeds up to 13 mph, operators achieve high-quality results job after job. With features like a heavy-duty drive system, industry-leading cutting technology and powerful engine options, operators achieve major commercial-grade power every time. Shift to a whole new degree of performance with the Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 hydrostatic transaxle drive system. It features a 2-speed foot pedal and delivers maximum output and torque. With two engine options and up to 38.5 horsepower, the ZT7000 delivers major power and pro-grade performance. The science behind the perfect cut is defined by the AirFX zero-turn mower cutting deck. Built to tackle all turf types, it features a patented deep, bullnose design that increases vacuum, lifting grass up to the cutting blade for a superior quality of cut and a better-protected cutting deck.

Cub Cadet PRO Z 960S EFI SurePath

Cub Cadet commercial mowers

The Cub Cadet PRO Z 960S EFI SurePath is a semi-autonomous mower with GPS technology combined with exclusive four-wheel steering, making perfect auto-turns with the push of a button. This helps to achieve perfect stripes, guided by GPS for straight lines and accuracy. This model is also equipped with a 38.5-hp. Kawasaki FX1000v (999cc) EFI engine and 16cc Hydro-Gear 5400 transmission, air-ride seat and 60-inch triple-7-gauge fabricated steel cutting deck with top, bottom and side reinforcements.

Ego LMX5300SP commercial mower

Ego commercial mowers

Ego Commercial is launching its first walk-behind mower targeting professionals with the release of its new LMX5300SP commercial 22-inch aluminum deck mower. The battery-powered LMX5300SP features a 1,600W motor — 230cc gas equivalent — that delivers 14 foot-pounds of torque for best-in-class power. Featuring Peak Power technology, which combines the power of two EGO 56V ARC lithium batteries, the LMX5300SP delivers up to 120 minutes of runtime with two 12.0Ah batteries. It has a durable cast-aluminum deck with dual height adjustment points across eight settings. Other features include an IPX5 weather rating, an LED user interface that controls three blade speed settings and lights, and a 2.5-bushel grass bagger.

Exmark Lazer Z V-Series Electric zero-turn mower

Exmark commercial mowers

Pair Exmark’s industry-leading Lazer Z zero-turn mower with the state-of-the-art HyperCell power system and you get the incredible new Lazer Z V-Series. With up to seven hours of runtime per charge, it runs all day, giving professionals an edge when dealing with noise ordinances or zero engine exhaust mandates.

  • Powertrain: 10 HyperCell batteries –– 23.4 kWh total.
  • Patent-pending battery and Battery Management System (BMS): Engineered specifically for Exmark mowers, the BMS enables Lazer Z V-Series to run for up to seven hours between charges, even in tough conditions.
  • Deck: 60-inch Electric Series 4.
  • Speed: Up to 10.0 mph.
  • Adapt technology: Make quick deck rake adjustments without tools to optimize cut quality and performance in wet, overgrown, or lush conditions or stemmy grasses/weeds.
  • Easy to maintain: Electric cutting deck eliminates all belt-related maintenance.

Ferris SRS Z3X Soft Ride

Ferris commercial mowers

For big jobs, the efficiency of a stand-on is hard to beat. The Ferris SRS Z3X Soft Ride stand-on mower delivers superior traction and performance married with productivity. The 72-inch deck size and top speed of 12 miles per hour will make quick work of big fields while the suspension platform system optimizes operator comfort and is adjustable for a wide range of weights. The unit’s pivoting front axle allows for steeper inclines meaning you can mow safer and more efficiently on difficult terrain. The Z3X features Ferris’ redesigned iCD+ Cutting System for a premium cut, maximum vacuum and clipping ejection to keep fields and grounds looking their best. A lawn striping kit is sold as an extra attachment allowing you to create eye-catching grass patterns across the property.

Grasshopper FrontMount Model 900D 1.3L

Grasshopper commercial mowers

The Grasshopper FrontMount Model 900D 1.3L is equipped with a Tier 4 Final-compliant, fuel-efficient and powerful 1.3L MaxTorque diesel engine that requires no power-robbing after-treatment systems. The 900D 1.3L uses a second-generation G3 hydrostatic pump-and-wheel-motor system with a single serpentine belt for smooth zero-turn maneuverability. This FrontMount mower delivers a better ride and better cut quality at faster mowing speeds due to balanced weight distribution among six wheels for a lighter footprint on the turf. Available with PTO-driven, 5.5-inch-deep DuraMax cutting decks in 61- and 72-inch widths. A number of PowerVac collection systems, turf renovation and snow removal implements are available to make the 900D 1.3L a year-round grounds maintenance system.

Honda HRC216HDA

Honda commercial mowers

The Honda HRC216HDA self-propelled commercial lawn mower is a premium, reliable offering for professionals. With reduced weight for better maneuverability, and rugged, durable construction, the Honda HRC216K3HDA incorporates a host of advanced technologies. “Easy Start, Easy Stop” allows the user to save time by starting the engine while standing behind the mower; the flywheel brake safety system stops the engine and blades when the user lets go of the brake lever on the handle. The fuel-efficient Honda GXV160 commercial engine is the source of powerful, quiet operation. The exclusive Honda MicroCut Twin Blade System offers four cutting surfaces to produce finer clippings. A rugged 21-inch steel deck with front axle and bumper protection provides structural stability and durability.

Husqvarna Ceora

Husqvarna commercial mowers

Level up on the playing field with Husqvarna’s Ceora autonomous mowing solution. Able to cut up to 6 acres per 24-hour period, Ceora provides a cost-efficient sustainable approach to field management. Ceora features Husqvarna EPOS, satellite-based technology that enables it to work within virtual boundaries, allowing users to define cutting heights and patterns, create work and stay-out zones and operation schedules. Ceora is perfect for sports fields as the absence of boundary wires eliminates potential line breakages due to aerating or turf repair and frees up time for other tasks. Ceora can operate day or night, in any weather from smart phone direction, all the while not disturbing local businesses or residences. Husqvarna’s new Lease and Service Plus offering expands on a traditional lease by including preventative maintenance, wear and tear repairs, and more in one monthly payment.

Hustler Super 104

Hustler commercial mowers

Hustler’s Super 104 can easily handle acres of work. This unit offers a 104-inch width of cut, zero-turn precision and up to 11 mph speed, making it a class unto itself. The Super 104 is equipped with Hustler’s exclusive HyperDrive Hydro System with industrial-grade pumps and high-torque wheel motors, 3-gallon reservoir, oil cooler and hot oil shuttle. It also offers a high-back seat with adjustable armrests and 3-inch suspension travel range. The wings fold to 80-inch transport width fits most trailers helping to make it easy to transport from job to job.

Jacobsen SLF1 ELiTE lithium mower

Jacobsen commercial mowers

Jacobsen’s SLF1 ELiTE super-light, five-reel lithium mower features the benefits of a proven ELiTE Llithium drivetrain, helping sports field managers decrease carbon emissions, remove hydraulic oil from their machinery and reduce noise. Silent cutting and minimal vibration mean operators can cut at any time of day or night with less fatigue and greater productivity. The SLF1ELiTE attains 5.5+ hours of operation with each charge, keeping it on the job longer. Re-power the SLF1 ELiTE overnight with its on-board charger, simply plugging it in at the end of the day so it’s ready for the next. Jake’s most advanced on-board monitoring system ensures product uptime, lockable speed and frequency of clip controls. Practical convenience is at the forefront of the SLF1 ELiTE with virtually maintenance-free, next-gen components. Specialized agile cutting units allow the SLF1 to cut in undulations, and its hydraulic-free design rounds off a proven and powerful machine.

John Deere 6700A E-Cut hybrid fairway mower

John Deere commercial mowers

The John Deere 6700A E-Cut hybrid fairway mower with electric-reel drive has the capability to mow, verticut and scalp. The 6700A is the first three-wheel stance fairway mower on the market available with 7-inch reels and electric reel drive, enabling enhanced adjustability and reduced emissions. When mowing at a reduced engine rpm, operators will experience up to 30 percent fuel savings and noise pollution is reduced. By electrifying the reel circuit, the 6700A model promotes a 90-percent reduction in hydraulic leak opportunities. Lastly, an advanced LoadMatch system with a smart alternator prioritizes cut quality in tough conditions.

Kioti ZXD Series

Kioti commercial mowers

Whether you are maintaining high school fields or professional grounds, the Kioti ZXD Series diesel zero-turn mowers are built to make quick work of any acreage. Equipped with a powerful 24.8-horsepower Kioti three-cylinder diesel engine, the ZXD Series offers groundskeepers durability they can rely on. The direct-drive transaxles, shaft-driven deck, and heavy-duty mower frame deliver enhanced performance even in demanding conditions. Operators can work in comfort all day long due to the ergonomically friendly pedal-operated deck lift and rubber-isolated three-inch suspension seat. For better serviceability, the ZXD Series features easy-to-reach dipsticks and fluid-fill ports via a floorboard access panel, flip-forward seat, and removable engine shroud. With traveling speeds over 11 miles per hour and the choice between a 61- or 72-inch cutting deck, these mowers can get the job done with ease. Other performance features include good hill holding, a large 17-gallon fuel tank, and smooth drivability.

Kubota F3710 front-mount mower

Kubota commercial mowers

The F3710 replaced the F3990 in Kubota’s F Series of commercial front-mount mowers and is equipped with a 36.9-HP Kubota Common Rail System diesel engine for fast, powerful and efficient job performance. Available with both side-discharge and rear-discharge pro-commercial mower decks in 60 inches and 72 inches, the F3710’s high lifting capacity provides the versatility to handle an array of implements like a grass catcher, snow blower, rotary sweeper and debris blower, and is compatible with all implements currently available for Kubota mowers. An LCD digital panel comes standard on the F3710 and provides operators with vital information like Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) level, engine speed, remaining fuel, water temperature and hour meter. Because long hours on the job can take a toll on operator efficiency, a deluxe high-back seat with four separate adjustments for weight control, lumbar support, back angle and arm rests helps keep operators comfortable and productive all day long.

RC Mowers autonomous mowing robots

RC mowers

RC Mowers autonomous mowing robots directly address the labor availability problems in the green industry. With these autonomous mowers, crews can reduce the number of employees needed for mowing jobs. RC Mowers’ autonomous mowing robots allow a single operator to do the same work as a crew of three. The autonomous mowing robots were designed and built by the RC Mowers robotics team, led by experts who developed the U.S. military’s weapons guidance systems, experts who developed U.S. DOD autonomous vehicles, as well as leading experts in aviation safety. The proprietary RC Mowers Success System includes implementation guidance, on-site training, ongoing data analysis, communication tools, service and more.

Stihl commercial mowers

Stihl RZA 700 Series

The Stihl RZA 700 Series battery zero-turn mowers are the perfect addition to a professional fleet, offering ideal productivity and comfort. They provide the power and performance professionals expect from Stihl and stand up to the toughest, all-day jobs. The Stihl RZA 748, Stihl RZA 752 and Stihl RZA 760 professional models have a powerful and reliable built-in 24 kWh battery for all-day commercial use at an industry-leading speed of 16 mph. Plus, a runtime up to eight hours means it can mow up to 21 acres in a day’s work, and the fast charge time of approximately four hours. With evolving OPE gas regulations, the professional can experience all the eco-friendly benefits of battery, such as reduced noise, no exhaust emissions, and zero fuel, allowing them to operate in towns, school districts, and other entities that have adopted zero-exhaust-emissions equipment regulations.

Toro Groundsmaster e3200

Toro commercial mowers

The all-new Groundsmaster e3200 builds on 50 years of proven performance and gives turf maintenance crews a powerful battery-powered out-front rotary mower option. The advanced electric drivetrain, powered by Toro’s proprietary HyperCell technology, provides quiet, emissions-free operation. Eleven lithium-ion batteries power the mower, and operators can add up to six more for more demanding applications. Toro’s proprietary Battery Management System helps provide all-day runtimes and quick-charging capabilities, plus it enhances the reliability and longevity of the batteries. The reserve power mode allows the operator to set parameters, ensuring enough battery power to return to the recharging station. Smart controls optimize power consumption by continuously and efficiently providing ample cutting power without bogging the blades down. The new Groundsmaster e3200 shares the same rugged chassis, 60-inch high-strength steel mowing deck, impact bumpers and operating controls as the diesel-powered model.

Yakta zero-turn mowers

Yakta commercial mowers

Yakta announced full-scale production of its range of zero-turn mowers including the YXR 710, YXR 610 and YXR 410 (with the YXR 910 soon to follow). These mowers boast strong I-beam caster arm construction and 7-gauge steel decks, as well as a 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty, covering everything except for batteries, blades and tires. This extends to components from partners like Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton and Hydro-Gear, whose parts are covered under Yakta’s warranty. Highlights of the YXR series include:

  • The YXR 710 with a 30.5-hp. Kawasaki FX781V EVO EFI engine, 16-gallon fuel capacity and hitch receiver.
  • The YXR 610, offering up to 10-mph mowing speed, with a hitch receiver and a choice between a 24-hp. Kawasaki FT730V or a 27-hp. Briggs CXi engine.
  • The YXR 410, with a hitch plate, up to 9-mph mowing speed and heavy-duty ZT-3800 Hydro-Gear transaxles, powered by a 23-hp. Kawasaki FR691V or a 25-hp. Briggs CXi engine.