Setting the pitching rubber

Setting the pitching rubber

Ever stood on a pitching mound and noticed the rubber was twisted? While most might think that it is not a big deal, ask a pitcher, a pitching coach, or a trainer how even a minor twist can have major effects on a pitcher’s mechanics. 

A pitching rubber that is just slightly turned by ¼” on a Major League mound will move the centerline off-center from home plate by 1.15°, or 14½”. A rubber that is twisted just a little more to a ½” will throw the centerline off by 2.39°, or more than 2 ½ feet! That messes with a pitcher’s mechanics and increases wear on their arm as they work to compensate for the misalignment. 

The apex of home plate is the benchmark of a ballfield. Everything is laid out based on its placement. The pitching mound and its rubber are equally critical for a pitcher. 

The latest Beacon Athletics blog examines the four key parameters for setting the pitching rubber.

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