Free SFMA Soil Science Webinar

On Tuesday, August 9, at 2 p.m. ET, Dr. Bryan Hopkins from Brigham Young University will be presenting a webinar on Soil Science Simplified: The Dirt on Green Grass.

This presentation will teach participants advanced concepts of soil science in an applied fashion that will enable them to use this information to be superior managers of turfgrass and the soil in which it is growing. Focus will be on understanding three areas of: soil chemistry, soil physics, and soil biology. For soil chemistry, a case study will be used with soil, plant tissue, and laboratory data with a guideline that can be used for interpretation and superior management. For soil physics, the emphasis will be upon determining the correct balance between water and oxygen. For soil biology, the emphasis will be on how to build a biologically active soil in the real world (i.e., techniques that really work and not snake oil products with promises that aren’t real).