The Turfgrass Information Center (TIC), a specialized unit at the Michigan State University Libraries, contains the most comprehensive publicly available collection of turfgrass educational materials in the world.

TIC’s digital archives continue to grow

The Turfgrass Information Center (TIC), a specialized unit at the Michigan State University Libraries (MSU), contains the most comprehensive publicly available collection of turfgrass educational materials in the world.

Update, the official publication of the Sports Fields Managers Association, is the latest addition to our ever-growing digital archives. The Sports Field Managers Association of New Jersey

(SFMANJ) is the New Jersey Chapter of the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA). The mission statement of SFMANJ is as follows: Committed to enhancing the professionalism of athletic field managers by improving the safety, playability, and appearance of athletic fields at all levels through seminars, field days, publications and networking with those in the sports turf industry.

Update is a source of practical turfgrass, skin surface, and synthetic turf information in the form of articles authored by sports field managers, University extension personnel, and vendors. The newsletter also features articles on upcoming field days and conferences as well as photos and written recaps of past events.

Published continuously since July 2001, the newsletter began as a monthly publication. In 2002, the newsletter was published bi-monthly (6x per year) and was co-edited by Jim Hermann and

Eleanora Murfitt-Hermann. Brad Park, Sports Turf Education and Research Coordinator,

Rutgers University, elected to the SFMANJ Board of Directors in December 2003, assumed responsibilities as editor of Update beginning with the November/December 2005 issue and is currently holding this position. Publication of SFMANJ Update became quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) in 2009. Newsletter design, layout, distribution, and advertising sales are currently managed by Debra Savard, SFMANJ executive secretary. This archive, an ongoing cooperative project of SFMANJ and the Michigan State University Libraries, features access to Update from 2001 to the present. To access this archive, visit: http://archive.lib.msu. edu/tic/update

We also have several exciting works in processing right now. Hole Notes, the publication of the Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents Association is currently underway. The MGCSA’s objective is “to advance the art and science of golf course management, to collect and disseminate practical solutions to problems with a view to more efficient and economical maintenance and production of golf courses, and to promote the welfare of the Superintendent and the profession.”

Hole Notes spans from around 1975 until present day and covers chapter news as well as timely articles written by university researchers and other turf professionals.

The Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California has published the newsletter Thru the Green since 1987 through today. Thru the Green features articles regarding their chapter, superintendent and assistant superintendent profiles, as well as articles written by and for those who manage the golf course, including university personnel and vendors.

We’ve also started work on the UK-based serial, Greenkeeper International, which is the official magazine of The British and International Golf Greenkeepers’ Association. Published monthly, its primary focus is for those operating in a greenkeeping or course management position. Articles range from local and international news to interviews with greenkeepers, as well as articles from those working in the turfgrass industry within a university or corporation.

The largest project we are tackling right now is Golfdom. Published from 1927 through 1981 continuously (even during World War II!), and from 1999 through today, Golfdom is truly a treasure-trove of information on the happenings in golf and turf management across the country and through history. Thanks to the tireless work of the Graffi s brothers (Herb and Joe), Golfdom is rich with information, and thus will create an impressive archive.

Many Golfdom records have already made their way into the database and are searchable, although the archive site is not yet complete. Golfdom’s digitization is in partnership with Questex Media who re-launched the publication in 1999.

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