The 2009 TIC Annual Report will bring you up to date on what’s happened with the Center during 2009. Here are some quick highlights:

             * 1.3+ million search results presented

            * 41% of TGIF records now link to full text

            * 15,000+ new TGIF records

            * 20 TIC-hosted websites for full-text content, in partnership with digital cooperators

            * 60+ academic institutional subscribers worldwide

            * 10 organizations with blanket-access arrangements to TGIF

See the full report, at:

<>  ; please feel to extract and reprint content there as you see fit (with appropriate

credit) in any reporting to your membership, boards, committees, or in your publications, etc.

We hope you agree that there are great things continuing to happen with both TIC & TGIF. While things are certainly more challenging financially, we continue to push the work forward, and hope you find much value in the outcome of those efforts.

We’d also like to especially point out the inside back cover’s summaries of  “How You Can Help” and “Future Directions” – both are areas where your support and assistance are needed and appreciated.”

With regards to all,

The Turfgrass Information Center Staff



SportsField Management