Flood-ruined fields need work to bring back play

Parkersburg, IA—Brenda Campbell shook her head as two federal government representatives measured the depth of gravel that had washed onto two Little League fields near Beaver Creek here.
“My husband has poured his heart and soul into these fields,” Campbell said. “And all for naught. The flood came in right after the tornado and washed it all away.”
Her husband, Wade, is head of Aplington-Parkersburg youth baseball and softball. Every evening this spring, Campbell brought his two children — softball player Raechel, 11, and tee-ball player Bryce, 8 — to work on these fields. They fixed fences, mowed fields, sprayed weeds, repaired the concession stand, spread 160 tons of lime on the field. One weekend they gathered volunteers to pick up rocks in the field and mend fences.

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