Banol fungicide now registered in California

Research Triangle Park, NC-Banol fungicide is now registered for use in California, Bayer Environmental Science recently announced. Available in a liquid formulation, Banol delivers preventive and curative protection for foliar and root Pythium species.

The product is registered for use on golf courses and sod farms, as well as on commercially grown ornamentals in greenhouses and container-grown ornamentals in nurseries. Banol fungicide may be used after germination to control Pythium damping-off in turf, or on established turf to prevent or control Pythium blight and cool-season Pythium root rot.

A systemic product, Banol fungicide is absorbed rapidly by upward movement through the leaf, stem and root tissues, providing long, effective residual control and rainfastness. With a non-phytotoxic formulation that is safe for young seedlings, Banol is ideal in rotational disease resistance programs.

To broaden the disease control spectrum, Banol can also be used in tank mixes with other systemic fungicides, and is compatible with other herbicides and insecticides. Research trials conducted in 2006 at Rutgers University, as well as at Penn State University, showed that the product provided excellent disease control compared to other fungicide brands.

“Because Banol has a multi-site mode of action, the potential for fungicide resistance is low,” explained Mike Daly, business manager, fungicides, Bayer Environmental Science. “As one of the industry’s most effective Pythium control products, Banol has never had a single documented case of Pythium resistance.”