Motz offers synthetic turf construction, maintenance to southeast

The Motz Group announced expansion to the southeast with a focus on North and South Carolina. Motz will offer synthetic turf construction and maintenance to the region.

With this expansion, Motz has opened a new office in Charlotte, North Carolina. From this location, Motz will service the region with the same customer experience existing clients have come to know and trust. Motz will facilitate all operations from synthetic turf maintenance services to full field construction projects. This will soon be the home of Motz employee owners including seasoned Field Consultant, Alan Wolf.

Wolf first joined Motz in 2013 and throughout his tenure has served in various roles ranging from building fields and leading construction crews, to maintaining hundreds of synthetic turf surfaces. Now Wolf focuses on educating current and future surface owners on how to properly plan for and execute a synthetic turf field project.

Wolf, and the Motz team, bring a new level of synthetic turf expertise to the growing Carolina market by not only focusing on the importance of quality craftsmanship at field inception, but the need for a comprehensive maintenance plan throughout the life of the surface. Motz365, the dedicated turf service team for Motz, offers a range of maintenance programs and services to keep synthetic fields in optimal condition.

Partnered with Shaw Sports Turf, the Motz team is committed to elevating how turf is installed and ultimately maintained in the Carolina region.