Photo by John Kmitta

Events at SFMA Conference benefit the SAFE Foundation

SFMA hosted three events at the 2024 SFMA Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida, to benefit the SAFE Foundation. 

Golf Tournament 

The SAFE Golf Tournament was held at the LPGA International Course. The winners were Aqui Concolino, Travis Parkinson, Alan Dungey and Brant Williams (who shot a 58). 

Cornhole Tournament 

The SAFE Cornhole Tournament was sponsored by Carolina Green’s Game on Grass and was held at the Ocean Center. The cornhole winning team was Matt Price and Mike Bunting. 

SAFE Night of Bowling 

Photo by John Kmitta

The SAFE Night of Bowling was held at GameTime Daytona and featured a record number of bowling teams, as well as many additional members who came to watch and network. The top winner was Jason Goehring, who bowled 200. The winning team, with a score total of 754, was team Minnesota (Greg Brodd, Roger Weinbrenner, Ed Tietel, Jason Goehring and Derek Holanitsch).