Pursell introduces PurMidas Fertilizer

Pursell Agri-Tech announced the availability of PurMidas, a controlled-release fertilizer specially designed for turf that delivers an ideal 7:1 ratio of N to S for optimum growth, aesthetics and performance.

“This partnership brings together Pursell’s innovative coating technology and Yara’s proven nutrition solutions to provide customers with a competitively priced product that more fully meets their needs for both nutrient delivery and sustainability,” said Joe Brady, Pursell CFO.

Formulated as a homogeneous granular fertilizer, PurMidas delivers uniform amounts of nitrogen, available from multiple sources including urea and ammoniacal, and sulfate sulfur on each particle to prevent nutrient segregation, thus enhancing the consistency of spreading without noticeable striping and irregular growth patterns.

PurMidas ensures an optimal supply of nitrogen that is critical for chlorophyll and protein formation for stimulating growth and building strong turf. The soluble sulfur component of PurMidas is readily available for uptake to maximize green-up and enhance plant stress tolerance.

Pursell’s patented coating technology offers users the flexibility to adjust coating weights and tailor nutrient release rates to meet nutrient demand and soil temperatures of any region. It also protects granule integrity, eliminates risk of lock-off, minimizes nutrient loss and significantly reduces environmental impact.

Studies show that, compared to uncoated urea, Pursell controlled-release products minimize leaching by up to 27%, reduce volatilization by up to 95%, and lessen N2O emissions by up to 45%.