Action Floor Systems becomes official surface for Rally Pickleball Courts

Action Floor Systems, a manufacturer of maple sports flooring systems and supplier of premium synthetic sports and commercial floor systems, announced that its eco-friendly, high-performance Action Herculan PB Pro floor system has been named the official surface for Rally Pickleball Courts in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Founded by Barrett Worthington and world-ranked professional pickleball player Megan Charity, Rally is a hub for pickleball enthusiasts. The facility spans two buildings over 1.9 acres, boasting four indoor and four outdoor pickleball courts with custom colors designed uniquely for Rally.

“What we love most about Action Herculan PB Pro is the softness and comfort the surface provides. It feels like playing on a cloud while still maintaining that crisp bounce and playability we’ve all grown to love,” said Megan Charity, professional pickleball player and co-founder of Rally. “Unlike some other cushioned surfaces on the market, Action Herculan does not compromise the playing experience whatsoever. It’s a premium surface that Rally feels proud to offer to our guests.”

The Action Herculan PB Pro system is a cushioned court with point elastic properties. The benefits of this system include better ball performance, improved surface durability, a seamless UV top-coating that prevents water from reaching the asphalt, and more. Available in three profiles (6mm, 8mm and 9mm), this system offers up to 35 percent shock absorption.