Sightline VIP Drink Rail

Sightline VIP Drink Rail elevates viewing experience

Sightline Commercial Solutions launched a new cost-effective VIP Drink Rail offering sleek, sylish support for hands-free viewing.

Providing convenient accommodation for concessions, beverages and personal belongings, Sightline’s VIP Drink Rail combines sophisticated design with the unparalleled strength of high-quality aluminum. Leveraging its more than 30 years of experience engineering solutions for the commercial, sports, live entertainment and performing arts industries, the Sightline team designed its newest offering with optimal versatility for utilization across multiple applications to enhance the seating capacity and comfort of any venue.

“Our VIP Drink Rail is a smart and sleek solution that can be incorporated into almost any area of a sports or entertainment facility, from loge boxes and field suites to VIP lounges, club decks and ADA-compliant sections,” said Ray Byrnes, western sales manager for Sightline Commercial Solutions. “It’s also ideal for use in concourse areas to cater to spectators who prefer to stand and socialize during a game or event.”

Durability and Design Versatility

Sightline’s VIP Drink Rail is made with high-quality, lightweight aluminum that is not only sturdy and durable, but also resistant to corrosion. This ensures that the railing will withstand the test of time, even in harsh weather conditions, without rusting or deteriorating.

Equal parts form and function, the modern railing system delivers a contemporary aesthetic. Its streamlined design features drink top surfaces with leg supports that blend with the natural surroundings to optimize sightlines in key areas around a venue.

Components are available in heights for seated (30”), counter (36”) and bar/standing (42”) configurations with the option to select a variety of surface lengths. Customers can choose from among six anodized or powder coated finishes, including Glossy Black, Flat Black, Blue, Green, Grey and Anodized Silver. Additionally, Sightline offers a range of optional accessories for added convenience, including:

  • Hooks – to provide patrons with a convenient place to hang purses, coats or other items.
  • Modesty Panels – available in full-height or shortened panels that can be tailored with custom laser cut designs.
  • Integrated Power/USB Outlets – to enhance convenience by providing patrons with easy access to electricity.

“A big part of creating a positive experience for fans is making them feel special and important,” noted Courtney Schmitz, eastern sales manager for Sightline Commercial Solutions. “Seemingly small touches like hooks and USB ports can make a big impact and leave a lasting impression that drives buzz and keeps them coming back.”

Cutting Edge, Cost-Effective Customization

Further distinguishing this product in the marketplace is the opportunity for total customization. Thanks to Sightline’s innovative technology, including an in-house tube laser and automated sheet metal laser, the VIP Drink Rail can be fabricated in custom shapes and sizes and customized to feature team or company logos, seat numbers, custom names or virtually any unique design.

“Our tube and sheet metal lasers allow us to be really creative for our clients,” explained Jon Chase, vice president of engineering and marketing for Sightline Commercial Solutions. “Where other companies would need to outsource or use multiple machines, we are able to achieve clean, precise cuts for even the most complex shapes and designs in-house and without adding a lot of cost to a project.”

Effortless Assembly

Enhancing its appeal, Sightline’s VIP Drink Rail is simple to install. The lightweight nature of the aluminum makes components easy to maneuver and attach to concrete, steel and wood substrates/surfaces without sacrificing any structural integrity. Drink tops, legs and mounting baseplates are packaged separately and simply bolt together during installation.

Sightline Commercial Solutions offers comprehensive design-to-delivery support services with a focus on simplifying projects and providing a refreshing, thorough and stress-free experience for customers. For more information,