Rain Bird 11000

Rain Bird 11000 Series rotors

Rain Bird introduced a new rotor series designed to make irrigating sports fields, stadiums and large commercial turf applications more efficient and cost effective. The 11000 Series provides excellent water distribution uniformity over a full 105-foot (32-m) radius, making it possible to irrigate an area that’s 25 percent larger with 40 percent fewer heads than a traditional rotor solution. The 11000 Series rotors also have an exposed diameter of just 2.7 inches (6.9 cm), making it far less likely to affect athletes practicing or competing on the field.

“A typical sports field irrigated by a standard one-inch rotor solution will require 35 rotors around its perimeter, 15 of them on the field of play,” said Jeffrey Johnson, Rain Bird’s senior product manager for commercial valves and rotors. “The 11000 Series Rotor can irrigate the same field with 22 rotors, only eight of which are on the field of play. That translates to fewer components and less piping for lower costs, faster installation time and less maintenance.”

Born from Rain Bird’s golf rotors but optimized for sports fields, the 11000 Series Rotor features a 30-345º, reversing, part-circle mode and a non-reversing, full-circle mode with an optional opposing nozzle for enhanced close-in watering, all in a single body. The 11000 Series Rotors come with nozzles pre-installed and can be adjusted with a standard screwdriver. The highly efficient rotor produces larger water droplets to guarantee maximum efficiency and uniform coverage, while the Seal-A-Matic (SAM) check valve prevents wasteful low-head drainage.

The 11000 Series Rotor has a 1.5” ACME inlet, simplifying installation with swing joints if desired for superior flow and performance. Snap-ring access from the top of the rotor makes maintenance and adjustments faster and easier. Optional features include a sod cup or rubber covers in green for synthetic turf or purple for non-potable water use.

“With superior performance, a smaller footprint, easy installation and quick access to serviceable components, the 11000 Series makes it possible to maintain a greener and higher-performing field of play,” Johnson said. “They’re a win-win solution for facility managers and athletes alike. “

For more information about Rain Bird® 11000 Series Rotors, visit rainbird.com/products/11000-series. Hear from the sports turf professionals who equip world-renowned fields with Rain Bird at rainbird.com/sports.