STEC Trilo T1

STEC Equipment adds Trilo T1 Vacuum to lineup

The Trilo T1 Vacuum is a debris loader designed to transform your utility cart into a vacuum sweeper. Simply place the skid-mounted T1 into the bed of the utility cart and it is ready for use. Remove the T1 when done and your cart is reverted back to its normal functions. The compact size and design allows the unit to reach places most sweepers and vacuums can’t, such as fence lines or along buildings.

The 13 foot suction hose easily collects grass clippings, litter, or leaves into the one cubic yard hopper. This capability makes the T1 an ideal solution for parks and recreational facilities, golf courses, and sports fields.

The self-contained unit requires no power from the vehicle it’s mounted on, while the flexible hose allows for smooth and easy operation of the T1. The sloped design allows for compacted debris to funnel directly into the hopper and slide out when unloaded, allowing for easy maintenance and clean out.