OTR introduces NDX tire and wheel system

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. (OTR) launched the NDX airless tire and wheel system for turf equipment and utility vehicles. Developed to solve the recurring problem of flat tires for vehicles operating on rough terrain, NDX minimizes loss of productivity and revenue for fleets and owner-operators, while increasing ride quality.

Featuring a patent-pending design, NDX combines multi-layered construction, engineered structural supports and a tread belt that maintains desired curvature and safe ground clearance at all times. Heavy-duty construction offers superior operating life, lasting up to twice as long as other airless tire options, without sacrificing load capacity.

Additionally, NDX uses premium rubber compounds and a deflection management system that optimizes energy absorption and load distribution, resulting in a ride equal to or better than pneumatic tires. Other benefits of this system include less jarring and bouncing as well as reduced operator fatigue. Fuel consumption is also reduced – up to 10-percent when compared with similar tire options – making the NDX system more environmentally friendly.

Sold as an assembly (tire plus wheel), the NDX system is available for more than 50 turf equipment products and 10 utility vehicle fitments supporting popular OEM models. OTR is also introducing NDX-style smooth type front tires with turf-friendly patterns.

“The NDX tire is a game-changing solution to the longstanding problem of flat tires,” said Fred Taylor, founder and chairman of the OTR Board. “Our history of tire and wheel innovations, advanced construction and relationships with end users have been fully leveraged in this product development. The result is a system that looks and behaves like a pneumatic tire, except it never goes flat, thus eliminating costly downtime and repairs. NDX is tough and durable, as well as competitively priced, to deliver exceptional value and a safe, comfortable ride.”