Sports Turf Canada to present Management and Maintenance course

Sports Turf Canada will present an online Sports Turf Management and Maintenance course May 3-6. The course will be of interest to those who manage or maintain sports fields, or wish to learn more about it or perhaps want to develop further knowledge beyond the fundamentals. The course offers a range of options to deal with issues such as restricted pesticide use, water use, common regional issues, limited equipment availability, and how to best manage within limited financial resources.

Topics include:

  • Turf species and their uses, characteristics and benefits, emphasizing the latest and best varieties for particular uses.
  • Seeding, sodding and fertilizer.
  • Management of soil for better field performance.
  • Thatch, aeration, topdressing and overseeding practices for optimal turf and improved playing conditions.
  • Water management including drainage systems, irrigation practices and efficient use of water.
  • Weed, insect and disease identification, monitoring and control.
  • Integrated pest management programs using biological and cultural methods.

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