Equipment and Technology Focus

The following is our round-up on trimmers and edgers.

Echo wheeled trimmers

Echo wheeled trimmers are built to be durable, powerful and reliable. Key applications for the walk-behind wheel trimmers include cutting dense weeds and mowing tall grass, with five times more power than a handheld trimmer. The heavy-duty, commercial design allows for easy and convenient trimming along retaining walls, fences and other tight areas. Sixteen-inch-diameter wheels are designed for smooth maneuverability over rough terrain, while a 24-inch cutting swath, coupled with ultra-heavy duty .155” Cross-Fire trimmer line, increases cutting performance and efficiency.

Echo has three wheeled trimmer models from which to choose:

• WT-1610: 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine. MSRP $559.99

• WT-1610T: 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine with the ability to tilt the deck, allowing the operator to efficiently cut hard-to-reach areas. MSRP $699.99

• WT-1610HSP: Self-propelled model with 160cc Honda engine and 3-speed transmission. MSRP $999.99

Grasshopper Edge-EZE edger

Improve productivity, reduce time-consuming hand edging and eliminate the need for two-cycle edgers with Edge-EZE. Electric and manual models deliver a clean edge up to 2.5 inches deep up to 500 feet/minute along sidewalks, driveways and roadways; and vertical adjustment up to 12 inches allows edging from the sidewalk, turf or curb. An optional electric actuator increases downward pressure in tough conditions and raises the disc to cross sidewalks. By increasing productivity and decreasing labor, Edge-EZE can have significant impact on the bottom line.

Honda HHT35S trimmers

Honda HHT35S trimmers are available in two configurations: the HHT35SLTAT with a traditional loop handle and the HHT35SUKAT with a U-shaped, bicycle-style handle for increased leverage and precise control. HHT35S trimmers also include the Honda flex shaft system that provides increased durability and superior shock absorption. Both Honda HHT35S trimmers effectively bridge the weight gap with the two-stroke competition while delivering all of the advantages of a four-stroke engine. Honda HHT35S models are powered by the Honda 360-degree inclinable GX35 mini four-stroke engine known for its low noise level, low vibration level and ease of starting. The engine’s oil-immersed timing belt and overhead-cam architecture make it possible to incorporate the valve train into the oil reservoir, ensuring complete oil distribution throughout the engine. This design configuration reduces the size and weight of HHT35S trimmers, making both models ideal additions to Honda handheld power equipment models. 

Milwaukee Tool M18 brushless string trimmer

Milwaukee Tool is growing its lineup of outdoor power equipment solutions with the introduction of the M18 brushless string trimmer; delivering more clearing power and a larger cutting swath than competitive battery-powered trimmer solutions. For maximum productivity, the new trimmer provides up to 6,200 rpm and features a brushless motor built specifically for trimming applications. For versatility, the trimmer has two speeds – a high speed to take on demanding applications and a low speed to maximize runtime. A 16-inch cutting swath trims more grass in a single pass and an easy-load trimmer head delivers an easy line loading experience with the ability to load up to 25 feet of trimmer line in under 30 seconds. This M18 brushless string trimmer is part of the M18 System, now offering more than 200 power tool solutions.

Stihl battery-powered professional trimmers

Part of the new Stihl 135 professional battery platform, the FSA 135 and FSA 135 R battery-powered trimmers are assembled in America, and are true game changers for professional users. The trimmers feature an on-board battery slot that can support an on-board battery or a backpack battery for even longer runtimes. Paired with a brushless motor and the same drive and cutting components used in proven Stihl professional gas trimmers, these units deliver professional cutting performance comparable to Stihl gas units with zero exhaust emissions and low noise. These trimmers are versatile for different cutting applications, including trimming, cutting and weed clearing.

TMC KPW2260V line trimmer

KPW2260V line trimmer from TMC Power Equipment, Inc., features the following:

• A true 2-cycle 23.3cc Kawasaki engine with dual ringed pistons and a chrome-plated 4-bolt cylinder provides power and durability for light to normal clean-up activities.

• A heavy-duty felt air filtration system keeps dirt and dust from entering the engine.

• A spring-assisted recoil starter and choke lever and valve assembly greatly reduce the time and effort needed to start and run the engine.

• A 7mm solid-steel driveshaft splined at both ends and mated to the 56mm clutch drum and heavy-duty four bearing gear head delivers incredible torque and power to the cutting surface.

• Extensive use of metal including a cast-aluminum clutch housing, a metal engine stand, and a metal debris shield provide maximum life and durability even in the harshest conditions.

• A vibration damper at the clutch housing significantly reduces vibrations from reaching the operator’s hands.

Turf Teq 1305SP1 power edger

Turf Teq has a complete line of self-propelled walking-forward power edgers. The model 1305SP1 features a 13-hp. Honda engine, and is the only self-propelled walking-forward bed opener on the market. The machine comes standard with an opening blade to create new landscaping beds or redefine existing beds. The model 1305SP1 also offers a bed grooming blade for manicuring existing bed edges and base fields. A variety of trenching blades are also available as an option. All three of these functions can be performed by simply changing the blade and guard for each application. The power edger features a fully hydrostatic transmission with forward and reverse. The multi-use capability allows the power edger to be converted into a power rake, power broom, power rake, brush cutter or snow plow for all-season use.