TruMark Athletics

Five keys to field stencils

The top 5 recommendations when creating a field stencil, according to Tim McLarn, CEO of TruMark Athletics, are as follows:

1. Get creative

Think about the different aspects of your school or team’s brand identity – your field doesn’t have to be limited to decorating with the logo. We can create a stencil for almost anything, including your school or team name; a fun phrase, such as “Go Bulldogs!”; lettering or a mascot.

2. Size it right

When converting a logo that is used digitally to an image suitable to be painted on a field, the image might need tweaks make sure it can be cut, can be easily painted, and, most importantly, can be seen by the fans. If you aren’t sure what size you need, we are happy to advise and provide a digital mock-up of the artwork on a field. 

3. Understand the surface you are painting

If you paint an image on a hard surface, such as a wall or concrete, you will get very precise lines. When you are painting an image on grass or turf, you need to remember that you are working with a fluid surface. Any logos with a lot of complexity or that are very small will be very difficult to paint, and might blur together as the blades of grass move. This is one of the key reasons we recommend simplifying complex logos so that the detail that is left in is clearly visible.

4. Trust the process

The quoting process is critical. It’s important to have a vector file of the artwork so that we can get precise measurements, provide a mock-up, and confirm that all details in the logo can be cut. We often get pictures sent in of a logo on a hat or a picture of the logo. These don’t work for quoting, because the curvature of the hat, as well as the angle the picture was taken will distort the image. 

5. Explore the options

Many different types and styles of field stencils are offered, and we can make a recommendation based on what would be easiest to paint and will prolong the life of the stencil based on your unique application.

(Bonus tip: During the quoting process, don’t forget the paint. Your field art will need maintenance, such as touch-ups, during the season – this is often a cost that is not factored in when the stencil is ordered.)