TTII Peak-Performance Pad

TTII Peak-Performance Pad

Target Technologies International Inc. (TTII) Peak-Performance Pad is a patented moisture conducting, non-absorbent, geo-composite shock pad made from polyolefin materials. Peak-Performance Pad is available in both solid core and perforated core, is a pre-fabricated system that consists of a formed expanded polypropylene core. It is a highly resilient closed-cell expanded bead product, and is an ideal energy absorbing material for sport surfaces that requires impact protection and shock absorption. The use of Peak-Performance Pad greatly reduces risk factors associated with poor subsurface soils.

Installation provides an uninterrupted vertical-to-horizontal flow path for superior rainfall evacuation and enhanced G-MAX performance without changing the ball-action or feel under-foot. The integrity of the system’s expansion and contraction capabilities is maintained by the use of the optional CLIP system, which holds the Peak-Performance Pad in place during the installation of the turf system. The CLIP also decreases the risk of wind negatively impacting the installation process. The CLIP allows each individual pad to naturally react to changing temperature and humidity conditions while assuring the turf installation team is able to perform on a secure monolithic work surface. The proper installation of the Peak-Performance Pad system reduces G-MAX by up to 50 points.


Peak-Performance Pad is multi-directional (isotropic) in nature, so unlike traditional extruded products, which yield different properties along the extrusion, vertical and horizontal axis, the properties of the Peak-Performance Pad products are the same for a given density along all 3 axis, regardless of orientation.

Resilient polypropylene shock pad

Nominal size: 4’ x 6’ in 14mm, 19mm & 25mm thicknesses Horizontal drainage: 50” per hour minimum

Vertical drainage: 100” per hour minimum (on perforated core) Maximum Initial G-MAX less than 135

Safety features

Guaranteed maximum G-MAX of field of 135 during 8-year warranty period of turf (ASTM F355 or ASTM 1936) as a system test with infill.

Guaranteed 1.3 HIC rating during 8-year warranty period of turf (ASTM F355-16e1) as a system test with infill.


Flammability Resistance TEST FMVSS-302: PASS

Fuel Immersion Test Coast Guard (Fuel B): PASS Chemical Resistance (1 hour exposure to solvents): PASS