Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller

Hunter introduces two new kits to expand Pro-C controller capabilities

Hunter introduced two new kits designed to expand the capabilities of the Pro-C controller. The kits allow users to easily expand station counts and bring the power of two-wire technology to smaller projects. 

The PCM-1600-KIT enables control for up to 23 conventional stations. If users need to expand the system, they don’t have to replace the controller to add more zones. They simply plug in the PCM-1600 output module and pick up where they left off.

The PC-DM-KIT includes a PC-DM decoder output module for use with EZ-1 decoders. Plug the PC-DM into a PC-400 to enable up to 32 total stations (+P/MV) on a single pair of wires. The PC-DM can co-exist with conventional stations for hybrid conventional/decoder operations. The higher station counts provided by these kits make the Pro-C controller a flexible and affordable fit for residential and light commercial projects.

“These innovative module upgrade kits provide a solution for customers who need higher station counts in smaller, more affordable enclosures,” said Ben Sacks, associate product manager.

The kits are compatible with modular PC-400 models manufactured since February 2020. They are available now. Learn more at