A message from STMA President Jimmy Simpson, CSFM

STMA President Jimmy Simpson, CSFM, issued the following statement on April 23: 

As we all move through yet another week of this crisis, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has collaborated in the recovery effort to this point. The efforts that have gone into this have been tremendous and so many people have raised their hands in a willingness to help or share ideas. This effort has positioned the STMA so that resources and information to help with the recovery are now at the fingertips of our members. The offerings on our Route to Recovery webpage continue to expand and the technical materials available grow each week. Please continue to check STMA.org for updates and share any ideas that you may have with us.

The breadth of this crisis has truly affected everyone in one way or another. In an effort to provide avenues for all members to get the information they need, STMA is now retooling the job board with a special focus on internships. Students coming into this industry are extremely important to STMA and the experience they gain during internships is invaluable. What we are now hearing is that many of our student members have had their internships cancelled. This is very concerning not only to our association, but for the entire future of the industry. The job board retooling will help students and employers make connections for summer internships that are still available. I encourage students and employers to make use of this job board to ensure that our students find that valuable experience for their future.

As this collaborative approach to recovery continues, I would like to share a wonderful idea that the technology committee has created and tested on the Zoom meeting platform. This committee has created an opportunity for the STMA to host virtual Town Hall Meetings. These meetings will be a forum to discuss topics that are affecting our industry and how we are addressing them. Each meeting will have a moderator to provide questions and panelists, from different membership segments, that will present on what their maintenance practices are during this crisis. There will also be a forum for attendees to ask questions to the panelists and other attendees during the Town Hall. I am excited to share that these STMA Town Hall meetings are currently scheduled to run for the next 5 weeks on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EDT, and I truly hope you will join one of these meetings, so that you too can be part of the collaboration that makes this association special.

Over these past few weeks, the STMA and many of our members have worked to develop resources that can help our membership and others recover their fields from this crisis. I can never say thank you enough to everyone in this association for your time, efforts, collaboration, and words of encouragement to each other throughout this crisis. We are not near the finish, but if we can continue to collaborate and support each other during this time not only will our fields be stronger than ever but so will our relationships with each other.

As always if there is ever anything the STMA or I can do for you please reach out.


Jimmy Simpson, CSFM

STMA President