GroundWOW full-color autonomous ground printer

Launched in October 2019, GroundWOW was developed with a founding mission to make printing on ground as easy as printing on paper. GroundWOW SPECIAL FX can print any logo, any color, any size, on any surface. Deployable in less than 10 minutes, autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence, and an end-to-end Cloud SAAS (Software As A Service) platform combine to create ground-printed images as accurate as a blade of grass. 

“GroundWOW customers will be the first in the World to have the power of full colour autonomous AI printing at their disposal for sports sponsorship and advertising applications, delivering compelling executions, unlocking revenue, and activating dormant or underutilized ground real estate,” said Tony Rhoades, GroundWOW founder, chairman and CEO.

In December 2019, The Jockey Club, a world-leading horseracing organization, engaged GroundWOW to bring its technology to The Festival presented by Magners, at its fabled Cheltenham racecourse. The commission was for a large-scale (25m x 20m) Magners Irish Cider logo in the middle of the historical racecourse from where TV footage of the Magners brand presence was beamed to a massive global audience.

GroundWOW Magners logo

“We stand with our friends and colleagues in sport in these unprecedented times and, like many of them, the GroundWOW team is busy working in isolation such that we are ready to pick up again where we left off when the current coronavirus crisis is behind us,” said Rhoades. “In a business sense at least, many of those most affected by the current situation are major players in our primary target sector of stadium owner-operators. But sport will return, and, when it does, it might be more important to us all than ever before.

“Sponsorship is the lifeblood of organizations at every level in sport, and, from day one, our messaging around cost efficiency and the ability to generate revenue with our technology resonated with our target audience,” Rhoades added. “Top-level businesses in sport are all focused on cost efficiencies, delivering added value for sponsors and unearthing new ways to create revenue – this may become even more important as the world of sport recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. The fundamental motivation behind GroundWOW is to enable any sports club, no matter sector or scale, to turn under-utilized ground within (or around) their stadium into revenue-generating real estate.”

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