Tree-staking system

After an all-encompassing, long-term R and D program, Tree Hugger has brought its Tree Brace tree-staking system to market. Trees can now be totally supported by an easy-to-use, high-technology molded system that can be used over and over again. “Generally speaking,” stated Lloyd Gerber, president of this new company, “staking of a tree can take anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes… and sometimes, two installers are needed. Our new Tree Brace system can be installed in as little as five minutes… and, generally requires only one installer.” Engineered to eliminate improper angles, easy-to-install Tree Brace offers optimal tree stability. This reusable staking system is manufactured with molded polypropylene, custom formulated to endure harsh weather conditions for decades. No specialized tools or related equipment are needed for the staking of each tree. This, along with ease of installation, translates into the overall cost of staking to be reduced significantly.

“We currently offer a fixed tree staking kit… and, an adjustable staking kit,” added Farrell Gerber, executive vice president of sales. “Both consist of Tree Brace™ molded polypropylene support holders, stainless steel bands with quick-engage clamps. Whichever kit is used, the installation process always is quick, easy… and, seamless.”

Tree Hugger Tree Brace systems are only sold to qualified industry distributors. The company has developed a program to protect its distribution, and has no plans whatsoever to sell direct to retailers or online. Once becoming a registered distributor, companies will appear on the company’s website “distributor locater,” giving them instant access to potential customers.  

For more specifics on this exciting new, green product, including three state-of-the art videos, please go 24/7 to the company’s website.