RS3 field builder teams with Act Global

Act Global and Nolan Ryan-led RS3 have teamed up in a new partnership to forward the future of baseball turf technology and player safety. With RS3’s strong expertise in natural grass construction and Act Global’s leadership in synthetic turf research and development, this partnership will provide a unique opportunity for baseball facilities.

A new, state of the art baseball system will be created and manufactured by Act Global in response to this new partnership. Known as “NR34 Turf,” the materials are similar to what is being used for Act Global stadiums and community fields around the world, optimized specifically for baseball. Performance benefits range from shock absorption, impact, ground interaction, traction, stability, bounce, lower infill splash, durability and UV testing, and more.

Act Global CEO John Baize is looking forward to this new partnership with RS3 and Nolan Ryan. “As a fan of baseball who grew up watching Mr. Ryan from the stands, there is a lot of respect for him and his organization. In addition to their ability to develop world-class baseball projects, RS3 is highly admired by their community values and in everything they represent.”

For Nolan Ryan, RS3 and Act Global, it is important to work alongside a leading technical organization that has a sense of social responsibility and dedication to player safety. This partnership will further the future of baseball turf, improve communities, and positively impact children’s lives while ensuring their security.

Ryan Sanders Baseball was founded in 1998 by Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan and Houston businessman Don Sanders, and their sons, along with several other former MLB All-Stars. In 2013, an expansion of the company created Ryan Sanders Sports Services, or RS3. RS3 was created on the drive, passion, and pursuit of excellence that earned Nolan that coveted spot in the Hall of Fame. His discipline has impacted his business practices both on and off the field, and the result is a brand that stands for quality and distinction with class and integrity at its core. In addition to the award winning RS3 Turf and Strategic Hospitality divisions, Ryan Sanders Baseball is also the holding company for the Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros, the Round Rock Express.

“We’re excited about this partnership with Act Global,” said Ryan Sanders Baseball CEO Reese Ryan.  “Our mission has always been to promote the game of baseball to as many people as possible, and this partnership allows us to do that not only nationally, but internationally as well, with player safety at the forefront.”