What’s the deal with measuring clipping volume?

From the Turf iNfo blog from Dr. Bill Kreuser at Nebraska:

There has been a growing discussion among turfgrass professionals about measuring and recording the amount of clippings collected while mowing. This debate has picked up steam in recent months, especially with golf course superintendents. While it is very common for most turf managers to ask their employees, “How much grass did you get today?” that answer typically isn’t an actual number. Some superintendents have started to keep better track of the clipping production on their putting greens. Others seem interested, but still have several questions like how to do it, how much time does it take, and how can the data be used. Micah Woods, PhD from the Asian Turfgrass Center, has advocated for accurate measurement and recording of clippings for years. He recently posted his free e-book on the subject to his website: https://www.asianturfgrass.com/buckets. It contains a lot of helpful information that answers many of those questions.

We advocate that turfgrass managers collect clipping volume instead of weight. Read it all here.