Winter Equipment plow markers

Winter Equipment recently announced that it will make its Winter premium Plow Markers available not only to municipal accounts, but to contractors and general distributors as well.

The premium plow markers, which have been in the municipal market for nearly eight years, have proven to live up to the motto, “Virtually Indestructible,” as witnessed in this video:

With a core made from the same type of galvanized steel carbide cable used to make arresting wires on carrier decks, the plow markers feature a high-strength, nonrusting, pressed metal base for easy installation and a high-visibility orange, impact-resistant polymer cover.

Available in four lengths, 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″, the plow markers ship complete with all hardware needed for quick installation. Additionally, Winter Equipment donates a portion of each plow marker sale to the Salvation Army.

“The reaction from the market to these has been amazing,” said Ken Marvar, director of sales and marketing, Winter Equipment. “They’ve proven themselves to be durable, effective and long-lasting—we actually challenge our customers to break them!”

Made in the Winter facility in Willoughby, Ohio, the combination of the cable and polymer casing, as well as the pressed base, enables the marker to flex and bend and spring back to its original form without damage. This allows the plow markers to hold up to in-use punishment that typical markers cannot.

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