Turf Fuel Cleanse removes organic acid, increases infiltration

Target Specialty Products has launched Turf Fuel Cleanse, a product for turf professionals to treat soil that displays signs of localized dry spots (LDS), poor infiltration or poor soil health. Cleanse combines Turf Fuel’s proprietary Soil Sync technology with an even stronger solvent than previous formulations. This two-part system works to attack hydrophobic organic acids responsible for LDS while delivering key enzymes to promote healthy soil biology and root system development. This combination gives treated soil an improved rewetting capability and more robust biological portfolio.

“Turf Fuel products are designed to provide exceptional, cutting edge performance and differentiated value to our turf customers and Turf Fuel Cleanse is no different,” said Mark Jull, Head of Turf Fuel Products’ Division, at Target Specialty Products. “Cleanse is an advanced soil remediation product, comprised of multiple agents aimed at reducing and removing hydrophobic organic acids from soil.”

“In addition to a strong solvent, Turf Fuel Cleanse supplies enzymes and secondary metabolites to augment faster turf recovery,” said Jim Turner, Turf Fuel Product Development Manager, at Target Specialty Products. “Unlike a soil surfactant that masks the symptoms of LDS, Turf Fuel Cleanse attacks and breaks down the cause of Localized Dry Spots.”

Turf Fuel products are designed to help turf professionals get the most out of their turf even in extremely stressful conditions. The products are built from a foundation of science where proven concepts are fortified with unique and innovative new technologies. This combination creates turf that is conditioned to handle stress effectively and gives the turf care professional an innovative new set of powerful solutions.