Ticket Spicket growing nationally with digital ticketing service for schools

According to an article in the Richmond (VA) Times Dispatch by John Reid Blackwell, Ticket Spicket was born about 4 years ago, when Roanoke resident Russell Hertzberg’s daughter was playing middle school volleyball.

“My wife and daughter and I were sitting around thinking of fundraising ideas for her volleyball team,” Hertzberg recalled. “My wife thought about selling season tickets for the team.”

Hertzberg, who has a professional background in technology applications development, said that set his mind turning about ways to integrate digital ticket sales with fundraising for school athletic programs.

“I thought about how schools often do season tickets with a plastic pass,” said Hertzberg, a Roanoke College graduate. “I thought it would be great to get that on a mobile device, where we could sell advertising sponsorships to every event” as a fundraising tool, he said.

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