SnowEx unveils new spreader and pusher plow

SnowEx Products launched its new Renegade poly hopper spreader and Power Pusher Pro hydraulic-winged pusher plow.

The Power Pusher Pro hydraulic-winged pusher plow is designed for control and versatility. Its Trace cutting edge technology consists of independent, 2-foot sections that raise, oscillate, and trip to accommodate contours and obstacles in the plowable surface. Hydraulically actuated, 3-foot wings can be moved into numerous configurations within the 180-degree path of travel. The wings move independently and add 6 feet of plow width when both are fully open. Plus, it’s equipped with a common carrier attachment system with a floating coupler that allows compatibility with skid-steers, wheel loaders, tractors and backhoe loaders.

The Renegade poly hopper spreader features an extended chute design that promotes better material flow and reduces leakage; and the interlocking lid keeps moisture out of the hopper to prevent clumping. Available in 1.5- and 2.2-cubic-yard sizes, the Renegade is offered with the choice of a Helixx shaftless auger delivery system for precise rock salt application or a pintle chain material delivery system for heavy materials such as sand and salt/sand mix. An optional Triple Threat pre-wet and direct liquid application accessory can also be added for the ability to spread, pre-wet and spray all with one hopper spreader.