GeoLink technology now available on Multi-Pro 1750 sprayer

Toro recently announced the introduction of the Multi Pro 1750 with GeoLink technology. The innovative GPS spraying solution is designed to maximize efficiency, deliver exceptional coverage, and minimize chemical costs by eliminating overspray.

The Multi Pro 1750 is a 175-gallon dedicated turf vehicle sprayer designed to maneuver in smaller turf areas to improve productivity and spray accuracy. The Multi Pro 1750 features a completely redesigned polyethylene elliptical tank with side agitation nozzles, which eliminates the shelves and corners on which chemicals tend to stick, and ensures proper mixing and agitation. Unlike competitive models, the Multi Pro 1750 features an exclusive six-diaphragm pump, which provides the highest spray rates while simultaneously supplying a generous agitation flow. Together, these spray components create the Multi Pro spray system that sets the standard for chemical mixing and unmatched spray performance and accuracy.

Because of the single-nozzle level control and a more accurate application, grounds crews are able to eliminate overspray, which contributes to significant reductions in overall application costs. Additionally, GeoLink ensures consistent coverage, contributing to the overall health of the turfgrass.

Support for GeoLink is offered through the Toro National Support Network (NSN) and includes troubleshooting and rapid replacement services. For more information about the new Toro Multi Pro 1750 with GeoLink, please visit the Multi Pro family website.