Soil temp alerts from Syngenta

To help turfgrass managers stay ahead of key weeds and diseases, Syngenta has introduced Soil Temperature Alerts available on GreenCast® Online. This allows subscribers to track soil temperatures anywhere in the U.S., receive personalized alerts on potential pest activity and access 10 years of soil temperature archives.

“Soil temperature is a key indicator of conditions favorable for the development of certain pests,” said Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services manager at Syngenta. “To build these alerts, we’ve identified eight key diseases and weeds and the temperatures at which they emerge. This information can help turf managers ensure more timely and effective treatments, when the conditions are favorable for these pests.”

Real-time soil temperature alerts can help turf managers monitor pest outbreaks so they can better plan product selections and application timing to ensure their turf performs at its best. In addition to the eight pre-determined pests, subscribers can customize their own soil temperature alerts. Sign up to receive email or text alerts when target soil temperatures reach the pre-determined thresholds in your area for eight different spring or fall pests.

“The best way to get the highest quality turf is to condition your turf preventively so pests aren’t able to cause stress,” said Tredway. “By using the Soil Temperature Alerts, turfgrass managers can proactively plan when to treat their turf, which can ultimately save valuable resources.”

To sign up for text and email alerts for your personalized soil temperature thresholds and diseases, visit