Miami Dolphins select organic infill with Matrix Helix Turf

Hellas Construction will install its Matrix Turf with Helix Technology and its exclusive organic infill at the Miami Dolphins’ indoor practice facility at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. The Dolphins are the first NFL team to go with organic infill for their synthetic turf fields. They also named Hellas Construction as an official partner of the Miami Dolphins.

“We are excited to work with Hellas Construction on this new turf installation. The organization has a track record of great service and we look forward to practicing on this surface in the near future,” the Miami Dolphins shared in a statement. The organic infill from Hellas is the premium organic alternative to black crumb rubber. This organic combination of cork and coconut, when combined with silica pea gravel and Matrix Helix Turf, will stay put with less “splash out.”

Hellas President and CEO Reed J. Seaton said, “The Miami Dolphins is a great organization. We are happy for the opportunity to provide them with such an advanced playing surface. The combination of our well-known Matrix Helix Turf and organic infill results in a field that plays a lot more like natural grass. The infill and turf fibers will interweave, so when the athlete steps on the turf, it will leave cleat imprints like a natural grass field does.”

The organic infill from Hellas Construction has optimal shock absorption and excellent control in all weather conditions, ensuring fast play and quick shoe release for the highest level of sports performance that’s comparable to a high-quality, natural grass field. It is 100% organic, recyclable, and UV resistant, resisting break down and deterioration even at high temperatures. This odorless infill doesn’t retain heat, but instead retains moisture, using it to cool the surface temperature of the field, similar to how sweat cools the skin. Surface temperatures on a synthetic turf field with the Hellas organic infill will be up to 40 degrees cooler than a regular synthetic turf field with the black crumb rubber.