Nice article on Michigan State turf team

Sitting on the visitor’s bench, shaded from the bright sun inside Spartan Stadium, Amy Fouty smiled and nodded her head in approval.

“Yes, I think this is the premier field in the Big Ten — but I am biased,” she said. “It’s exactly how we want it.”

The 72,000-square feet of freshly mowed acreage in front of her has been Fouty’s masterpiece over the last 13 football seasons. Her “baby,” if you will.

And she’s not the only one who appreciates it. Last fall, Sports Turf Management Association named Spartan Stadium the “Collegiate Field of the Year” for the second time in 11 years.

The pristine state of the field on Wednesday would bring a smile to the face of any head athletic turf manager in the country. Fouty is no different.

What is different is the fact that she’s a woman, one of the “very few” who manage Division-I facilities, according to Kim Heck, CEO of Sports Turf Management Association.