ADVANTAGE topdressers

TurfTime Equipment ADVANTAGE Topdressers have a capacity range of .75 cubic yd. to 7.5 cubic yd. The long hopper of the ADVANTAGE Topdresser allows faster loading without spilling. Looking for the best topdresser to fill bunkers, sand-dress greens, apply compost, repair washouts, apply mulch for erosion control, level low spots, maintain paths and even grass runways? TurfTime’s high quality ADVANTAGE Topdressers are designed to spread wet or dry materials allowing a very light dusting or a heavy application. The unique configuration of the belt and metering gate eliminates bridging and delivers a consistent flow of material to the spinners. Like a drop spreader? Adjust spinner and belt speeds to get a narrow drop application, or to broadcast the material over a wide area, all with the same topdresser.