Queens sports facility suing two companies for shoddy turf installation

If you build it, they will come, but this was a Field of Nightmares.

A Queens indoor sports facility is suing two companies for botching the job of installing artificial grass at its indoor athletic field.

North Shore Indoor Sports in Bayside touts its field as 22,000 square feet of “premium state of the art turf” for lacrosse, baseball, football and soccer players.

The facility agreed in 2014 to pay $110,000 to Northeast Turf Hue of Maine for artificial turf, but what they allegedly got in return was a crummy carpet that was of inferior quality, the suit contends.

“North Shore Indoor started losing business because balls actually traveled improperly on the turf,” according to the suit filed Thursday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

After customers complained, the facility was forced to give them free hours at discounted prices to make up for the terrible turf they played on.

A second artificial turf company was contracted to fix the mess. Last April, Greenfields USA of Georgia ripped up the turf and delivered a new one to the facility, the suit says. That was the wrong carpet, too, and it was allegedly installed “unprofessionally and in an unworkmanlike manner.”

“The turf moved when players ran on it…Padding was missing…There was a gaping hole left in the middle of the field,” according to the suit.

Attempts were made to “sew and fix” the seams, but it was still uneven and plagued by air pockets, North Shore Indoor claims. Greenfields sent four work crews, including “Carl from Canada” who recommended cutting the turf up and welding it together with a heating machine.

North Shore Indoor is seeking at least $250,000 in damages for breach of contract. Calls to the artificial turf companies were not immediately returned.