Kubota introduces commercial walk-behind mowers

Kubota Tractor Corporation introduced three new Commercial Walk-Behind gas-powered mowers: the WG14-36, WH15-48 and the WHF19-52. This announcement positions its dealers as an all-under-one-roof turf equipment provider for landscape professionals and homeowners alike.

“Kubota’s zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors maintain a strong reputation for quality and reliability,” said Tom Vachal, Kubota senior product manager for turf equipment. “Since initiating our alliance with Echo last year for handheld outdoor power equipment, and now with our introduction of commercial walk-behind mowers, we’ve taken steps to become a full-service, one-stop-shop for our turf equipment customers.”

In addition to introducing the commercial walk-behind mowers, Kubota also introduced the all-new ZD Series zero-turn diesel-powered mowers – the ZD1000 and the ZD1200 – featuring Kubota’s latest patented innovation, an Aerodynamic Cutting SystemTM (ACS), which provides for more efficient use of power resulting in better fuel efficiency and faster cutting performance.

New Walk-Behind Options for Lawn Care Professionals

Kubota’s new Commercial Walk-Behind mowers are available in three deck widths and each model is powered by a reliable Kawasaki V-twin gasoline engine with outputs ranging from 14 to 19 horsepower. The WG14-36 features a five-speed gear-drive transmission with reverse assist, and the WH15-48 and WHF19-52 use proven Hydro-Gear variable displacement pumps with Parker wheel motors.

All three mowers feature fabricated welded steel decks and are equipped with a powerful 125 ft.-lb. electric clutch, maintenance-free spindles, and easy-to-use controls. The WG14-36 utilizes a traditional pistol-grip control, while the larger WH15-48 and WHF19-52 models utilize a twin lever hydro control similar to those found on zero-turn mowers, enhancing ease of use and improving maneuverability in tight spaces. All three mowers have adjustable cutting heights (ranging from 1 3/8 to 4 5/8 inches, depending on model), making them suitable for most common grasses. The 52 in. model, WHF19-52, features a Kawasaki FX engine and a floating deck with a pin-adjustment mechanism that facilitates easy cutting-height adjustments.

The new walk-behind mowers provide the landscaping and maintenance pro with an attractive cutting option, while offering the ability to perform close-quarters chores that would be cumbersome and impractical with larger riding mowers. The line offers customers a new and affordable alternative in the commercial walk-behind segment and will be available at Kubota dealerships starting January 2016.

New ZD Series with Powerful Kubota Diesel Engines, Efficient Operation

Also making its debut at GIE+Expo today is the all-new ZD Series zero-turn mowers: the ZD1000 and the ZD1200. The mowers are available in four deck widths (48, 54, 60 and 72 inches) and are driven by powerful Kubota diesel engines, with outputs ranging from 19 to 25 horsepower, with hydrostatic transmissions and pivoting front axles. The new ZD Series features Kubota’s latest patented innovative Aerodynamic Cutting SystemTM, which provides for more efficient use of power resulting in better fuel efficiency and faster cutting performance. The ZD Series offers a reduction in steering control-lever resistance for easier maneuverability. Operator comfort is enhanced by premium high-back suspension seats; additionally, the ZD1200 comes with a 3.5-inch LCD display screen to allow the operator to more closely monitor vehicle functions. Low-profile tires and an aerodynamic deck design reduce rolling resistance, improving fuel economy, and newly designed blades allow the mower to cut faster with less horsepower.

All told, the new ZD zero-turns offer unsurpassed levels of comfort, convenience and performance while remaining true to the Z Series’ no-nonsense, workhorse nature. The new ZD Series will be available at Kubota dealerships beginning in November 2015.