SIS Pitches installs first SISGRASS system at St. George’s Park

SIS Pitches have installed their new SISGRASS system at St. George’s Park; England’s National Football Centre and home of English football.

The SISGRASS system uses the latest patented technology and provides all clubs playing on a natural grass surface the opportunity to have the highest quality hybrid pitch at an affordable price.

This is the first major installation of the SISGRASS system in the UK, as SIS Pitches CEO, George Mullan, said, “We are really pleased with SISGRASS having invested a significant amount of time and effort in developing a completely new hybrid system to meet the exact needs of our existing and future Clients worldwide. We see SISGRASS as a genuine game-changer and that is demonstrated by the amount of enquiries we are receiving on a daily basis.

A new SISGRASS pitch offers unrivalled durability, improved pitch recovery times, supports up to three times as many playing hours, and is ultimately the most advanced hybrid solution currently available on the market.

Work at St George’s Park commenced on May 25, 2015, and was completed in the fastest time. This has given both Chelsea and Hull City even greater confidence in having the SISGRASS system installed at their Training Grounds this summer.

Alan Ferguson from St. George’s Park is extremely impressed with the new SISGRASS pitch, as he explained, “With SISGRASS, SIS Pitches has not only matched the competition I believe they have bettered it. The accuracy of the stitching was amazing and was also cleaner and neater. Not having to worry about major oil leaks was also a huge comfort.  The whole pitch was done extremely quickly, its playability is excellent and all in all SISGRASS is a massive step forward, one which will benefit many clubs and training grounds in the months and years ahead.”