LebanonTurf revitalizing Emerald Isle Solutions line

LebanonTurf has announced a complete revitalization plan for its Emerald Isle Solutions foliar fertilizer product line. This plan includes the development of product updates centered on enhanced agronomic solutions and an overall expansion of the sales and marketing strategy.

Emerald Isle Solutions has a long and successful track record with its foliar turf care products, but increasing liquid and biological product regulation among some states is requiring product enhancements to comply with these new demands. Nitrogen limitations and phosphorus restrictions in several states are also being assessed to ensure maximum product availability throughout the country while still maintaining the quality and performance that superintendents have come to expect.

Emerald Isle Solutions products are used to increase turf’s ability to withstand seasonal stress, drought and disease, and are recommended for use throughout the growing season. To reinvigorate the company’s commitment to scientifically-proven performance and predictability, Emerald Isle Solutions will be conducting extensive university research around the country to determine how its products stack up against competitive offerings. These tests will be used to further refine and improve the quality of Emerald Isle Solutions’ products in the future.

Along with the product updates, new, co-branded agronomic programs have been developed featuring Emerald Isle Solutions and Country Club MD products to provide fertility programs based on grass types and climate zones. These programs combine the benefits of traditional, slow-release granular applications with the spoon-feeding, controlled growth benefits of foliar applications. Both products are currently available.

For more information on Emerald Isle Solutions, visit http://lebanonturf.com/products/brands/emeraldislesolutions

To learn more about Country Club MD, visit http://www.countryclubmd.com/what-is-md.aspx