KIOTI Tractor announces winners of Biggest Tractor Fan giveaway

KIOTI Tractor, a division of Daedong-USA, Inc., has announced the top three winners of their Biggest Tractor Fan Giveaway. Winning contestants, Kelly Langdon, Jim Cobb and Brendon Burton will each receive free KIOTI parts and services for their testimonials.

KIOTI’s Biggest Fan Giveaway contest ran on Facebook during National Customer Service Week.  Contestants submitted testimonials describing why their KIOTI dealer is the best, and the top three stories were selected for a monetary prize in free KIOTI parts and services.

“We found a local dealer, The Tractor Place, in Knightdale, North Carolina. When we drove into the little parking area, the owner walked up to us and acted just like we were part of his long-lost family,” says first place winner Kelly Langdon. “Thank you to The Tractor Place and thank you to KIOTI for helping us continue our pursuit of the small farmer’s American dream”.

“I was very pleased to learn that one of our customers appreciated the way we do business every day.  We start with personal introduction,” explains Gary Mize of The Tractor Place.  “One of my college professors told me that you should not sell anything to a customer. You should help them buy what they need. That is the way I have always sold tractors.”

The KIOTI executive management team reviewed the entries to choose a winner.  The winning testimonials all demonstrated contestants’ gratitude for their KIOTI tractor dealers and shared personal stories of their positive experiences.

“Each time [I visited my KIOTI dealer, Hoover Tractor, LLC] I wasn’t pressured to buy that day, I was given a different sales person on two occasions and they both gave me the same information,” says third place winner Brendon Burton. “Each time I was able to test drive, I asked questions and was given the exact same answer every time.”

“We have a great staff of folks who work hard to provide customers with the information and guidance they need to make decisions about purchasing a tractor,” comments Allen Hoover, Jr. of Hoover Tractor.  “I am thrilled to have employees who care about customers and are committed to being helpful and informative.”

From low-pressure sales environments to vehicles and equipment that speak for themselves, KIOTI dealers across North America were praised for their fantastic and friendly service. Contestant testimonials ranged from stories about family farming all the way to lifesaving gratification. Second place winner, Jim Cobb, thanked KIOTI tractors and help from his dealer at the Northeast Farm Sales & Service, Inc. for saving his life in a near fatal accident.

“As I traveled home with [my KIOTI] tractor I was struck broadside by a tractor trailer weighing close to 80,000 lbs. The tractor was built well enough that it saved my life,” recounts Cobb. “Not only will you be impressed with the KIOTI tractor, but you will have the best service department available to support your investment.”

According to Keeno Chilafoux of Northeast Farm, after Cobb recovered from the accident, he came back and purchased another Kioti tractor.  “KIOTI makes quality tractors, explains Chilafoux. “And, we provide quality customer service.  Our Service department is second to none.”

For sharing their stories, first place winner Langdon will receive $500, Cobb will receive $250 and Burton will receive $100 in parts and services from KIOTI. The three dealers highlighted in the winning posts receive recognition, including a plaque, from KIOTI.