Precision Laboratories released its newest soil infiltration surfactant, Alypso, to help sports turf managers overcome the challenge of moving water into aggressive turf types.

Alypso is a naturally derived surfactant that speeds up the infiltration of irrigation through thatch and into hard-to-wet soils. As such, there is a decrease in run-off and standing water, allowing for firmer playing surfaces. Its unique qualities also improve uniformity of water in the root zone and increase the uptake of soluble plant nutrients.

Field trials conducted on bermudagrass fairways in Florida show that Alypso, applied at one pint per acre, reduced localized dry spot (LDS) and improved turf quality 21 days after the initial application.

“We developed Alypso to help professional turfgrass managers move water through thatch and manage water across a wide range of soil profiles,” says Don Spier, vice president of turf and ornamentals at Precision Laboratories. “We’re thoroughly impressed with the performance of Alypso, right out of the gate. It performs at low use rates; it is easy to pour, mix and store; and it can be injected or sprayed. The fact that Alypso is naturally derived is an added benefit.”

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