There is still time to register for the Nebraska Turf Conference to be held at the LaVista Conference Center at the Cabela’s exit on the outskirts of Omaha. The conference continues improving in this new location and format, bringing in speakers from across the country to join the local professionals. This conference is extremely cost effective and a great way to educate the entire staff. There are 8 in-depth Tuesday workshops including: Morning:

 Hands-on Disease ID and Control. Kevin Korus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Back by popular demand, turfgrass and ornamental disease ID using the naked eye, hand lenses, and microscopes. Limited to the first 35 attendees.

 Calibrating ride-ons, rotary spreaders, and more. Matt Geise, Syngenta, Carlos Stimson, Turf & Tech Soil Solutions. Held off-site at Zimco, this is a hands-on workshops on checking your calibration to improve efficacy and save money in your applications.

 Sports Turf: Maximizing success of seeding and overseeding. Zac Reicher, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Seeding and overseeding is critical for maintaining turf cover on sports fields. New technology, tools, herbicides, etc. now allow more flexibility when seeding into our sports turf

 Turf Essentials: Turfgrass math. Chris Proctor and Keenan Amundsen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Math calculations can be intimidating, but can cost you thousands of dollars and perhaps your job if done improperly. Chris and friends will work through area calculations and seed, fertilizer, and pesticide calculations that will help insure proper applications and maximize positive effects from your applications.


 Selecting and establishing buffalograss. Keenan Amundsen and friends, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. New cultivars, new herbicides, and new thinking are making buffalograss easier to establish than ever before. This workshop covers the range from cultivar selection to dormant seeding to herbicide use over seedlings.

 The resilient woody landscape: Low maintenance and low management. Eric Berg< Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Planning, proper installation and then proper management are critical to a low maintenance, yet still attractive landscape.

 A year in the life of a ball field. David Chalmers, South Dakota State Univ. From spring weed control to fertilization to putting the field to bed before winter, David covers all of the latest in sports turf management

 Turf Essentials: Fertilization. Bill Kreuser, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For most turf areas, fertilization represents a large investment. Bill will step you through the need for fertilization in general, what nutrients are really important, and the latest research on application scheduling.

 Pesticide recertification (COMPLETELY UPDATED!!!) Completely revamped with updates on new and old pesticides, new strategies for controlling turf, pests, efficient and economical safety tips, and regulations.

Wednesday all day and Thursday morning includes 45-minute talks from specialists across NE, the region, and the nation. Just a few of the topics include:

 Understanding pigments and antioxidants

 Strategies for career success

 Installing new irrigation at C.C. of Lincoln

 Herbicide update

 Do we have organic options in lawn care?

 Professionalism increases profit (period)

 Hockey at TD Ameritrade? Really??

 Managing Bowlin Field

 Customer Service

 Inside the ropes at the US Senior Open

 Poa annua control

 Biostimulants and other plant health products

 Fairway overseeding research update

 Goosegrass control

 Synthetic vs. organic fertilizers

 Rethinking species for lawns in NE

 Taking the confusion out of soil tests

 Weed control in seedings

More information and online registration is at



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