Here are some of the products that will be part of the trade show at the STMA Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio January 23-24.

Turf products to be displayed in San Antonio

TempLine removable synthetic turf paint

TempLine water based paints are easy to apply and remove, with outstanding brightness, opacity, play durability and weather resistance in between. TempLine paint is available in three grades, depending on your need for extended durability versus short term utility and ease of removal.  All three grades come ready to use in a broad range of colors formulated to dry fast and stay flexible without binding together turf fibers or infill granules. TempLine paints are valued for the brightness and durability they provide without creating heavy build-up.

Eco Chemical, Inc.

Streamliner dryline marker

The Streamliner is simply the best dryline marker in the business. With its variable flow control, field testing has proven the Streamliner is the best for the quality of the chalk line while using less chalk than its competition. A heavy-duty steel frame, pneumatic tires, rugged molded plastic hopper, flexible brush agitator, accurate string-line guides, and a one-button retractable handle for easy storage set the Streamliner apart. Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-wheel models with optional Double-Play aerosol paint attachment.

Beacon Athletics

App measures relative greenness

The FieldScout GreenIndex+ Turf app allows users to measure turf health via relative greenness using a smartphone camera.  The app quickly and conveniently captures images from a smartphone, calculates the DGCI (Dark Green Color Index), and correlates to visual ratings. Users can customize the visual rating calculation for different species of grass and specific plots of land. Measurements can be compared to identify variability or trends in turf health across sports fields and golf courses, providing valuable data for decisions regarding fertilization and irrigation. All data is logged and geo-referenced, and can be emailed to a personal computer for further analysis.

Spectrum Technologies


Hunter announces I-Core 3.0 Solar Sync

The controller now has built-in compatibility with the Hunter Solar-Sync climate sensor, allowing automatic self-adjustment for changing weather conditions. The new version of the I-Core controller features a Solar Sync dial position, and allows all sensor setup functions from the main control panel. The controller also permits a Solar Sync Delay feature, allowing the installer to specify a number of days before the controller switches to automatic adjustment mode. Version 3 I-Core controllers need only add a Solar Sync Sensor, or the increasingly popular wireless version of the sensor, to take full advantage of automated water saving technology. Each of the controller’s 4 irrigation programs may be set to use the weather adjustment, or to run individually without automatic adjustment for special applications.

Hunter Industries

Pro-Stripe Extreme White marking paint

Whitlam Paint offers a wide range of athletic field marking paint including Pro-Stripe Extreme White. Our exclusive formula is environmentally friendly, has higher solids and a low VOC content. It also contains Optiwhite optical brighteners for better reflectance under UV stadium lights and sunlight. Making it the brightest and most durable field paint we manufacturer. Dilution rates vary up to 3:1 for better savings. Extreme White can actually stimulate root growth and development allowing grass to remain vibrant and healthy.

Whitlam Paint Company

Got geese?

Do you have geese at your facility? If yes, then it’s important that you know about our line of products that can and will solve your geese problem. Solar powered, maintenance free, easy to install, no harm to geese or your environment. Guaranteed to work or your money back. We also provide a no cost/no obligation “Placement Survey” to assure the right product and placement. Shipping is free. 

Geese Problem Solved

A-Turf Titan has 12-year warranty


A-Turf Titan is the ultimate synthetic turf surfacing system, featuring the best combination of A-Turf’s blended Mono & XP fiber design, creating an amazingly plush, natural looking surface with outstanding performance, durability attributes and backed by an industry-leading 12-year warranty. When installed with a resilient ShockPad (with a 25-plus-year life cycle), Titan has the industry’s best safety rating, resulting in less severe and fewer concussions from surface impact, throughout the system’s life. Featuring optimal footing, true ball roll and ideal shock absorption, A-Turf Titan can be engineered for optimal play of a specific sport or multiple sports played on one field.


New Smithco Super Liner

The new SMITHCO SUPER LINER offers precision lining, ease-of-operation and superior agitation and features front- and side-mounted marking boxes for straight or circular lining and a 16 hp Vanguard engine. Hypro-diaphragm pump provides pressure ranging from 0 to 150 PSI. Easy operation hydraulic wheel motors for smooth transitions for starting and stopping and hand control for constant speed.



Sports field assessments

Evaluate field conditions. Demonstrate fields meet industry standards. Be Proactive. Use Turf Diagnostics for your sports turf testing. We specialize in site investigations of synthetic turf fields. Testing includes Gmax field hardness, turf and infill depths measurements, and seam and inlay observations. We also perform laboratory analyses of base stone used in field construction to help ensure stability and drainage. Our accredited laboratory is the heart of our natural turf testing capabilities. We perform soil drainage assessments, compaction evaluations, rootzone mix design, and baseball/softball skin testing. All testing is performed to current ASTM standards. 
Turf Diagnostics

Shear Strength Tester

Turf-Tec International introduces the new Turf-Tec Shear Strength Tester/shear vane apparatus. This is a specially designed tool to test the stability of natural grass athletic field turfgrass root systems. In addition, the Turf-Tec Shear Strength Tester can also test the types and depth of cleats that will perform best in your particular turfgrass root system and environment. Knowing the shear strength and correct cleats to play in will not only insure proper footing during play and may also create a safer playing environment for athletes.

Turf-Tec International

All seasons Ultraplex 4-0-3 +2% Fe

Ultraplex 4-0-3 +2% Fe & micros is a sophisticated combination product containing Grigg Brothers exclusive Elicitor Technology and is designed for use in all seasons. Ultraplex now conveniently includes the following six components: effective natural biostimulants, amino and organic acids; sea plant extract; water buffering agent; macro nutrients (N & K); fully organic chelated micronutrient package including Iron (Fe), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), and Boron (B); natural, non-ionic and organic surfactant for improved leaf coverage and absorption. Many years of research data highlight the many uses and value of Ultraplex.

Grigg Brothers

NewRider 1700 HP


The NewRider 1700 is the economical ride-on high pressure airless striping machine for marking athletic fields. The NewRider 1700 is designed to quickly spray straighter, brighter looking lines and the 25-gallon paint tank will stripe numerous fields without having to be refilled. Additionally, the fully adjustable spray pump saves money by spraying just the turf and not the dirt with any paint. The on-board purge tank eliminates clogging of spray tips and makes clean-up a snap. This model features a hydrostatic drive and a 10.5 hp OHC engine with electric start, and removable gun with 25’ hose for stencils.

Newstripe, Inc.

Revolution soil surfactant

Revolution is a unique soil surfactant technology that is scientifically proven to balance air and water in the rootzone. Revolution’s patented formulation allows water to move in a thin continuous film through the soil profile, perfectly balancing air-to-water ratios and increasing the performance of turf under stress. By maximizing the growing environment, Revolution allows your turf to function more efficiently and perform at consistently higher levels. Users often report significant reductions in costs related to irrigation and other expensive inputs. Revolution reduces the impacts of daily stresses on turf health and promotes faster recovery when stresses do occur.



EVERGREEN turf blankets keep practice fields ‘Game Shape’

EVERGREEN Radiant turf blankets from Covermaster Inc. have protected the length of the field between the hash marks of the San Diego Chargers’ practice fields since 2011 with great success. So much so, that they ordered additional blankets to cover both their natural turf fields on an alternating schedule. While one field is covered, the other is used for practice. That way both fields will remain very playable and allows practice to continue on good quality fields well into the playoffs. Additionally, the Chargers rely on Covermaster’s TARPMATE rollers and the unique TARP MACHINE for easy handling of the covers with a limited crew.



Pro Mound packing clay

Fortify your mound and batters’ boxes with Pro Mound packing clay. Pro Mound alleviates common wear problems by forming a solid subsurface under the mound and batter’s boxes, keeping them resilient and easy to manage, season after season. Made from a unique blue gumbo clay, Pro Mound is highly durable and remains firmly intact while reducing maintenance and providing solid footing for athletes. The packing clay allows pitchers and batters to “dig in” and establish footing without leaving large holes. Pro Mound is easy to install and requires only a shovel, rake, tamp and water. Approximately forty 50lb. bags (1 pallet) of Pro Mound are needed to resurface and maintain the mound, batters’ and catcher’s boxes.

Pro’s Choice


Water removing machine

The BowDry is a water removing machine that can remove water from and sport field as well as indoor playing surfaces, tennis courts and/or pool decks. The thick foam roller absorbs water and then it is pressed off and sheeted into a 16-gallon holding tank at the rear of the machine.  The holding tank and rear of the machine is supported by four large wheels so, even full, the BowDry never loses its outstanding maneuverability. The BowDry removes the water from any surface and transports it to the drain. BowDry is fast, quiet and efficient.

Seago International, Inc.


New Jacobsen TurfCat out-front mower

In 2014, Jacobsen will update its legendary TurfCat out-front mower. The new mower will feature a Tier IV final Kubota engine, foldable ROPS, and less maintenance thanks to new hydraulic deck drives (gone are the belt and pulley drives). The TurfCat is popular with sports field managers because it’s the only mower that offers a 60” flail deck, which discharges grass and debris down into the turf, significantly reducing the danger of thrown projectiles and providing a more attractive after-cut appearance. In addition to the fine-cut flail, the TurfCat offers five other deck configurations, including 60-inch, 63-inch and 72-inch hydraulic-drive rotary decks.  Other attachments include a brush, plow, snow blower and debris blower.



Athletic field materials from Game Time Sports Systems

It Ain’t Just Dirt” … Louisville Slugger/Game Time Sports Systems offers quality athletic field materials that help create a uniform appearance and enhance the playability on all fields. These products are all safe for the environment. From the best quality field conditioners, to the right tools, Game Time can provide you with all the resources to make your fields the field of dreams. Game Time Sports Systems offers a full line of products.

Game Time Sports Systems  

Toro Sand Pro 2040Z infield groomer 

The new Toro Sand Pro 2040Z is the industry’s first zero-turn infield groomer. With a unique design that enhances maneuverability and productivity, the SP2040Z is powered by a 12.2 hp Kawaski gas engine, and is outfitted with a specially designed nail drag/flex groomer attachment. The nimble SP2040Z will save you valuable time in your workday, improving infield surface playability and consistency.

The Toro Company

New Pro League Champion Brown infield conditioner

New Pro League Champion Brown, a superior infield conditioner with a rich brown color, joins Natural, Red, and Heritage Red in the Pro League line up.  Champion Brown, like the other colored Pro League conditioners, features an improved coloring process and a color-fast dye for long-lasting field aesthetics. The patented Pro League particle size ensures the ultimate fielding and sliding surface to keep skinned infields safe and playable. Pro League absorbs its weight in water to prevent puddles on the infield and provide sure footing. That absorbed moisture will later release to keep the infield from becoming hard and cracked.

Profile Products

Double-sided home plate
Professional size and quality home plate weighing 40 lbs. and made of 3″ of solid rubber. Its double-sided design allows for an extended life of the product which reduces equipment and labor costs. New 2013 product, currently being tested with various professional baseball teams and universities. Introductory price $225

Bulldog Field Equipment Booth

Aerate, topdress, amend in one pass

DryJect/Maximus are the only machines in the world that aerate, topdress, and amend in one pass. DryJect is a revolutionary service which, when added to your maintenance program, can reduce the need for core aerification and greatly amplify the benefits of sand amendments by distributing them into the ground more completely. DryJect/Maximus high-pressure, water-based injection system blasts aeration holes through the rootzone to fracture the soil, while it’s patented vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes with amendment. Relieve compaction, increase water filtration, reach the root zone with oxygen and amend your soil all at the same time, leaving the surface smooth and playable.

DryJect Inc.

Harper TV30 self propelled sweeper/vacuum

Equipped with a 44HP Kubota turbo charged diesel engine & a 3.25 cubic yard hopper, the TV30 offers unmatched performance and maneuverability, making for quick and efficient cleanup.  The patented dust control, re-circulating air system makes the operation of the unit clean and quiet as well as causing minimal disturbance to bystanders and the operator.  A variety of attachments make the TV30 effective on many types of surfaces; turf, artificial, hard surface, while picking up most any type of debris; clippings, leaves, goose droppings, litter, or aeration cores. The hopper lifts to a height of 6ft 3in to dump directly into a cart or waste dumpster, eliminating the need to handle the material twice.

Harper Industries


Vipol Matrix Mesh by Aer-Flo, Inc.

Just over 7 years ago, Aer-Flo, Inc. introduced Vipol Matrix Mesh to the sports turf industry. Our BP Zone Turf and Bench Zone Sideline Turf Protectors, as well as Tuffy Windscreen are made with our exclusive Vipol Matrix Mesh. Vipol is the strongest, longest lasting mesh in the industry! Found at virtually all levels of turf management, NCAA baseball and football (to include all football and/or baseball teams with natural fields in the SEC), 15 NFL fields and numerous Major and Minor League Baseball fields. We have over 21 colors to choose from. Custom sizes and shapes available. Add Chroma-Bond imprinting for that “home field” touch!

Aer-Flo, Inc.

Fastest Verti-Drains yet

The Redexim Verti- Drain 2220 and 2216 (also called the Bullet) are the fastest Verti-Drains yet. The Bullet gives you the ability to aerate both fast and deep, penetrating 9 inches into the soil at speeds up to 3.5 mph. With the hydraulic option on the Bullet depth adjustments can be made easily from the tractor chair by adjusting the front and rear rollers. Additionally the three point hitch on the Bullet is offset which makes the machine more efficient by reducing the chance of tracking over previous passes. The Bullet is a tough and fast Verti-Drain that is setting a new standard in the aeration industry.

Redexim North America