To ensure snow mold – which often appears in the early spring as snow melts – is not an issue, Arysta LifeScience offers five spring suggestions to help control damage from this fungal disease on turf:

1. Use DISARM 480 SC Fungicide for rapid, systemic activity that quickly translocates through the entire plant/turf to deliver fast-acting disease protection as well as to stop further growth of any established fungi.

2. After absorption by the leaf surface, DISARM is stored in a reservoir of active ingredient, allowing translaminar movement through the plant tissue, which protects the undersides of grass blades and other surfaces not sprayed directly.

3. Root systemic activity allows the roots of turf plants to readily take up fluoxastrobin and then translocate it to all plant parts, providing protection of invading fungi from within the plant.

4. Fluoxastrobin activity allows it to be “recycled” to release continuous protection for long-lasting, residual control until re-treatment is needed.

5. Fluoxastrobin also is rainfast in as little as 15 minutes, giving turf managers greater flexibility to work around irrigation schedules and sudden spring rainstorms.

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