Xtreme Cleaning from Xtreme Turf Makeover

Xtreme Turf Makeover launched in 2012, bringing premier synthetic turf rejuvenation services throughout the United States. Through diagnostic field tests and three levels of environmentally-friendly services, Xtreme Turf Makeover can restore an aging field’s performance and safety conditions. The company’s featured service is the patent pending Xtreme Cleaning, available with Level 2 and 3 offerings. With Xtreme Cleaning, they extract the field’s existing infill, which is then filtered and separated during cleaning. After all dust, debris, sediment and yarn are removed, the infill is as clean as or cleaner than the original infill. The sand and rubber granules are then recycled back into the field, and additional infill may be added to restore performance levels. With Xtreme Turf Makeover, nothing is taken to the landfill—all infill and turf are recycled or repurposed.

Xtreme Turf Makeover