TurfTime Equipment improves the classic Thatch Master

The newest improvements to the THATCH MASTER dethatcher/verticutter are designed to add convenience and flexibility to this already popular dethatching and surface aeration equipment. 

Turf managers know what makes grass grow and what practices they can use to keep their turf healthy. However, there are significant variables that effect how those practices can be applied, and which equipment is more suited to the job. The perfect machine for flat sports fields may not perform as well on the undulating terrain of a golf course. Blades and tines respond differently to sandy soils, as compared to soils with clay and stones, and Northern grasses present a different set of challenges than their Southern counterparts. The ideal turf maintenance tool allows operators to make choices that adapt the machine to their unique set of circumstances.

For THATCH MASTER, according to TurfTime Eq. President Glenn Musser, a variety of blades and spacing patterns have been available for a number of years as seen at www.turftimeeq.com/TurftimeEqProducts/ThatchMasters/ThatchMasterParts.aspx

Now TurfTime Equipment engineers, responding to input from managers and superintendents, mechanics and operators, are providing additional settings and choices to allow the THATCH MASTER to be adapted to its surroundings. 

THATCH MASTER Model Improvements include the following:

1.    The new flip-down stand encourages careful set-up adjustments to be made in the comfort of the shop rather than out in the elements on the field.

2.    Alternate hole patterns allow the three point hitch to be attached in a stationary position for flat sports fields, or in a slot to accommodate undulations on the golf course.

3.    A weight bracket has been added so that operators can slip on suitcase weights to fit surface conditions and speed of operation, and promote continuous ground contact.

4.    A heavier chain and sprockets are now used for cooler operation and longer wear.

Musser says the improved THATCH MASTER brings TurfTime Equipment closer to its goal to help its customers grow “Great TURF in less TIME with the right EQUIPMENT”.


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